An Unexpected Way to Retain Customers

Who doesn’t like an unexpected surprise that makes you smile? customer retention surprise

A few weeks ago I received an email from Jeri Walker-Bickett saying I had won a free kindle book.

It was unexpected and as it was the type of book I liked it was greatly appreciated.

I didn’t have to do anything except leave a comment, which I often do.

No one likes losing customers, particularly when you have worked hard to gain them in the first place.

And unexpected surprises have long been known to work. Especially if they are planned and part of your process to retain your most valuable customers.

This simple example from Jeri’s blog can be used if you sell products or services

How To Give Unexpected Surprises

  • You do need to have a detailed customer profile. Otherwise the unexpected surprise may turn a smile into a frown.
  • In the example above I included in the comment I left that I enjoy reading this type of novel. So this made it easier for Jeri to identify that receiving the book would appeal to me. By having an understanding of your customers it takes the guesswork out of the customer retention process.
  • Plan when and how you are going to do it. If you sell products or services then take into account the repurchase cycle, as this will help you decide the timing.
  • Another element is the surprise factor. If you give everyone the surprise every time the wow factor diminishes because they come to expect it.

It may be a reminder but the power of it as part of your customer retention process could diminish.

Consider making the surprise relatable to what you sell. A bag of chocolates are nice (and I would never knock them back) but something that is related could work better. After all your competitors could offer chocolates as well.

Do A Review

Have a look at what you currently do and see if instead of the usual which everyone does, look for something that will be a reminder and strengthen the relationship.

It doesn’t have to be costly, just something they would like. Have fun with it and let your creativity shine. And do not forget if in doubt keep it simple.

Over to you

Could this concept work in your business?

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12 Responses to An Unexpected Way to Retain Customers

  1. Pretty neat and refreshing!

    I’m currently thinking of ideas to help increase the bottomlines for a potential client in the softball industry. They’ve an active facebook page which I think can be utilised better, as in the case of closely observing what people are commenting and saying. Well, thank you! I’ll update you if we do implement a similar idea, credits to you.

  2. Lucky you))) Greetings) Yeah, the right stimulation and motivation of your customers make them come back to you over and over. That is a smart way to gain the popularity of any blog..

  3. Susan — good idea to reward your customers appropriately. While it could be a gift, you could also offer to introduce a customer to someone she wants to meet — a customer for HER services, or invite (and pay) for her to attend an industry function with a topic of particular interest. I think tailoring the gift to each customer will make it more valuable and the gift doesn’t need necessarily to have a monetary value.

  4. Agree with you that surprises is a great way of retaining valuable customers. Also agree that preferably the surprise should be related to what we do. Hmmm, marketing Susan – what surprise would you give:-)