Think Strategically To Enjoy Additional Sales

The lack of time is seen to be one of the biggest hurdles when you are looking for business growth. think strategically

This leads to procrastination and putting potential ideas are put off.

When you look at finally developing them, you may find another business already has.

Yet time is not the real issue.

The answers to new ideas to get customers to buy more from your business are often in front of you if you look.

Customers give hints everyday that can lead to the development of new products or services to increase sales.

The hints are about the outcomes they want to achieve. And how satisfied they are with current available options.

Think strategically

One of the simplest ways is to look at your strategic focus as your starting point. The reason for this is keeps it simple and it is an effective use of your time.

For example a cake and cookie business in my area has a strategic focus on products they make and their customer service.

Over the last year customers kept asking for stands to place the cakes and cookies on. Realising this was a way to get business growth the company looked at this as an opportunity to increase sales simply.

They look at what stands were offered and they ranged from cheap cardboard stands to high quality china stands. As they didn’t want to go the cheap route they looked at options and got customer insights.

They found most of the customers didn’t want to pay for a high quality one that they may use once or twice a year.

To get over this they looked at hiring out quality stands that satisfies the customers, and means they do not have to buy stands and have inventory.

Ways to get into action to increase sales

  • Look at other tasks your customers want to get done or achieve.
  • Investigate the options and identify ones that benefit your business and your customers.
  • Survey your customers about their satisfaction in obtaining their results. 

One key thing to remember is not just copy what your competitors do as you want to differentiate your business.

Business growth does not have to be complicated and taking simple small steps does not have to take up a lot of time.

Over to you. What is your approach to get business growth over and above what you currently offer?
photo credit: AlicePopkorn via photopin cc

18 Responses to Think Strategically To Enjoy Additional Sales

  1. I read posts like this so full of great business ideas and truly wonder if the writer in me can ever truly become the business person needed to even snag a decent readership.

  2. Great example of ambidexterity. Continue doing what you are already good at and add learn and add something more. The stands are a good idea that enabled them to diversify.

  3. Susan,
    This drives home what I learned years ago from the mentor that we worked with. One of the things that he stressed was that if we did not want to compete on price, we would need to find a way to differentiate our business from the rest. That’s exactly what the cake and cookie business that’s in your area did. Thanks! I enjoy the real life examples that you always mention in your posts.

    • Great advice from your mentor Sherryl and it is even more important these days. It is good hearing about other small business isn’t it and from talking to them the other day it looks like being a nice little earner for them.

  4. I think many of us waste time instead of using it to the fullest. Finding out what the customer needs is more important then focusing on our needs. It is easy to get pigeonholed in what you do and your example of thinking outside of the box was great. Makes you think.

    • Hi Arleen,

      Just giving ourselves a little time to reflect on their needs does pay off. That said it took a while for the business to realize the opportunity as they were so caught up working in their business.

  5. Hi Susan,
    This is the reason it is so important to work on your business and not just in it. Simply dealing with the next crisis is not enough. A strategy will bring quick results with a smarter use of time and resources.

  6. Susan — I think this is a “stick to your knitting” story. They are in the business of baking cakes and cookies. So finding another source they could direct their customers to helped them to focus on their core business. Instead of searching for cookie stands they could ask their customers what kinds of new cakes and cookies they’d like the bakery to make to place on those stands!

    • You must have been reading their minds Jeannette. They are starting to ask customers that question for the stands they hire out and they are looking at ways to show customers how to display the cookies and cakes on the stands to make sure they are displayed well.

  7. It so easy to just let time take over and not spend it on things that could improve sales. Part of that is due to just staying the course, in a routine, and not thinking of any change that may be needed. It’s easier until it become obvious a change in approach is needed. The other part is passion for what you do. When that passion is present, it is a natural part of the process in thinking out of the box. One is then always looking for new, innovative and interesting ways to help and attract customers, (like the cake stands). Just my thoughts. 🙂

    • Like your thoughts Susan 🙂 You have brought up an interesting point about passion and being on the lookout for new and innovative ways. The way you expressed makes a lot of sense and it certainly applies to the business I mentioned in the article.

  8. Now that is an example of ‘thinking outside the box’ to find a solution that works for both the business and the customer. Nicely done… 🙂