There Are Always Two Sides To Consider

Every business at some time runs into problems. options

Some are large, some minor.

The issue is not being stressed about the problem, as that doesn’t help.

Instead, the key to getting back on track quickly is to diagnose the problem.

And put in place solutions so both your business and customers benefit.

With any problem, they are two sides to consider and this was highlighted late last week when Google announced it was closing down Google Reader on July 1.

Businesses Side

In a number of the articles, people wrote that it was now best to only offer email to subscribers. There were valid reasons except there were from what was perceived best as a solution from a business point of view and not readers.

It would be easier to just offer email, however if you think about it some readers are not looking at that solution when subscribing.

I know from my blog about two thirds are RSS subscribers and I get new ones every day. So if I just offered the email option I would lose potential subscribers.

Customers Side

When Google did the announcement there were many articles about what to change to and in some instances how to do it.

As someone who reads blogs in Reader and no interest in subscribing via email I needed to look at other options.

Luckily, I saw an article about Feedly and it was very simple to switch. If you are looking for a simple alternative then check them out.

So as a customer my problem as a subscriber is currently solved.

Although it is understandable to jump to the quick solution, always take the time  to consider both sides when problems occur. It will lead to a better solution for all.

What are your thoughts?

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24 Responses to There Are Always Two Sides To Consider

  1. You are absolutely right that it’s essential to consider both sides when a problem occurs. Seems you found a good solution to Google closing down Google Reader.

  2. There are always two sides to the coin, and bizarrely , while I did have Reader it was in part because some sites wouldn’t allow many others. So now I’m using Netvibes, and I find it much more user friendly. I agree with you Susan, that for businesses to only offer email is to miss out on potential. Everyone likes to receive their information in a different way. Why not let them.

    • Hi A.K.,

      I use to use Netvibes and it is pretty good. We can see from the comments on this article we all have our preferences so it will be missed opportunities for those hat don’t offer a choice. Thanks for sharing what you use.

  3. Timely article! I thought Feedly would be a good option, but yesterday I tried to add a feed and got an error message. Added the same feed to Google Reader with no problem. I have a feeling this is *not* going to be an easy ride.

    Giving up on RSS subscribers = losing customers – makes no sense. I get way too much email as is (and I have three different ways I read email).

    • I agree with you about the ride Leora as Feedly and others I think are scrambling to get things right. It doesn’t make sense giving up on RSS and it reminds me of a quick fix solution that could hurt businesses in the end. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Susan,
    There are two sides to every story, they say. And in this case it’s true. It wouldn’t hurt to see things from your customer’s side every so often. I’m convinced that’s the key to success.

  5. I really haven’t taken too much notice of it, but I think from your blog and the comments that followed I should really look into this.

    • Hi Becc,

      It only affects those who use Google Reader to read blog posts so if you don’t you do not have to do anything. If you do then you have until July 1 to find another reader.

  6. Wow, I can’t imagine a business/website saying “ok, lets just do email.” I wouldn’t even consider that an option for the same reasons you stated. I want all of my readers to be able to subscribe HOW they best feel fit. I am opposite from you though, as from a reader perspective–in that I like to read my blogs via email. But that would never mean that I wouldn’t think of those who want to use RSS.

    • Must say I was surprised Bethany and some of the sites saying it are popular. What was a shame was the number of commenters saying that is a good idea.

  7. Susan — I’ve seen a number of solutions — including Feedly — but there is a simple solution: Yahoo Reader. Yahoo has always had a reader so I’m not sure why Google Reader subscribers are so concerned.

    • Probably because they are so used to Google Jeannette. It is interesting I haven’t seen much mention about Yahoo. As I commented to Susan my concern is currently Feedly and others are not reader options in Feedburner or Feedblitz.

      • I no longer use Feedburner so that would not be an option for me. Truthfully, I hardly ever look at my RSS feed. I’m one of those who prefers to receive emails for the posts I want to receive. I’m actually cutting back on my subscriptions, not adding to them, because I’m on information overload!

        • I agree about information overload Jeannette and during my transfer I deleted a number of subscriptions especially as many are writing very similar articles. This may sound strange but I have noticed a number of writers prefer to subscribe via email. Probably just a coincidence.

  8. It will interesting to see the affect the loss if reader will have on many blogs and websites. Where to migrate that aspect for me is yet an unknown. I’m sure there will soon surface a good atternative. Looking at both side certainly will help. 🙂

    • That is my concern Susan as I have been looking to see how I can get Feedly hooked up to Feedburner. I have seen one website do it but can’t work it out and no doubt Feedly and others will I hope.

  9. And now new wave, my Google reader is bursting from posts about new alternatives for RSS. I’m pretty sure that soon some bunch of guys will create something genius to replace reader) Waiting…

    • My reader was flooded as well Evan. I switched to Feedly because it automatically transferred all my subscriptions and I like it better than Google Reader.