The Other Perfect Partner For Business Growth

In the last article, I wrote about how a focused marketing strategy can lead to business growth. market strategy and simplicity

This article is how simplicity as the other partner works so well.

It can be the competitive advantage you are looking for and the example is a local small business.


To have simplicity as a partner can be challenging, however the results are worth it. It may require brainstorming, trialling and testing but customers and your business can both be the winners.

As mentioned many times on this blog customers love simplicity and will reward businesses that use it.

An example from the last post was about our local butcher who has their products as a strategic focus. Their competition is not only large supermarkets but other butcher shops as well in the local area.

One of their products is chilli mango organic chicken breasts. While they are delicious, they are not the easiest to cook. And the reason is one end is larger than the other.

A few weeks ago, when I went to buy them they told me that customers were having problems with the cooking so they found a solution to help with the problem.

The easiest thing they could have told customers was to flatten out the end and it would cook more evenly. However, they knew this was not a simple solution for customers.

It was an extra step they had to take to cook the breasts.

They decided to slice the chicken breasts into two so we now buy two even breasts.

The interesting thing is they haven’t cut the price too much. While it costs them more to do this step they more than recoup it in the price they charge. Since making the change the sales have doubled.

Simplicity at its best. For the business and customers.

The way to use this perfect match starts with a deep marketing review to see what is happening with all the pieces of the marketing puzzle

Usually the review unearths hidden opportunities that can make a difference. It can also see what blockages there are and how to fix them.

Simplicity is becoming more important and with a focused marketing strategy, it may be the edge you are looking for.

Over To You

Could you use simplicity together with a focused marketing strategy for a competitive advantage?

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12 Responses to The Other Perfect Partner For Business Growth

  1. Hi Susan,

    Just popped in to say Happy New Year, thanks for the fine follow-up post…it seems to be working for me. Just started getting my first few leads for my online marketing foray. 🙂

    Oh! And I’m simultaneously, and at the same time, making sure that YOU ARE in fact taking that break…so if you reply to this before Friday you’re in trouble… 🙂

    I do hope you are having a fine break.

    See you soon.

    Stephen G

    • Happy New Year to you too Stephen. That is great that you are getting leads for your business and a wonderful start to the new year. I am still basically on holidays, just doing some stuff in the morning (like replying to your comment despite your threat) then today it will be off to the beach, unless the blue bottles decide to make an appearance.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I’m forever in search of a simpler business model. My technique is to figure what I want to do then look at the steps involved in creating and delivering the product. Then I begin cutting pieces off. Outsource this, this, and this. Figure out how I can automate. Make the product or service simpler. Figure out how to deliver to customers less expensively and with less effort. Businesses have a way of getting more complicated all by themselves, so it’s a constant challenge to streamline, to look for ways to work smarter and not harder, and to eliminate effort.

    • Hi Shawn,

      Good to see you here. I like your approach and it is a great example for others to follow. If you think about it it is taking the small steps and in the end they all add up to make a difference. Thanks for sharing your approach.

  3. I love it, but you know that already… LOL. Simplicity is such an important part of a successful business. We see that everyday such as Apple and others like that. My hope is the accomplish a simpler way for working with my blog in 2013. Happy Holidays my friend.

    • I do know you love simplicity Susan 🙂

      I am sure you will find a way and remember I am only an email away if you need any help.

      Happy holidays to also my friend.

  4. As you know Susan, I agree with you about simplicity.

    Imagine how people would react to a company selling dog food as well as catering for luxury dinners?:-) Would you hire them to cook for you? Just kidding..

    • Glad you are kidding Catarina although in Australia recently a company the does sell dog food recently bought a famous Australian chocolate company. I do hope they are not processed in the same plant.

  5. Susan,
    You wrote:

    “To have simplicity as a partner can be challenging, however the results are worth it.”

    So true. Working to simplify your business strategy will certainly bring results. Just remember, you don’t need to achieve these results all at once. Simplifying your business model, like improving efficiency, can be a process, but it’s worth the investment in time and every step you take toward a simpler business model should bring improvements.

  6. I love this! It reminds me of the solution where folding the paper to fit the old envelopes until they were used up worked. Simplicity at its best. Love it!

    • The change did make it easier for me to cook Cheryl and the funny thing is I bought double quantity. I hadn’t thought of that paper solution as only yesterday I had old envelopes and was going to throw them out. Now I don’t have to, so thank you.