Keep Customers By Avoiding This Mistake

keep customersThere are many small ones but they usually are just offshoots to the big one.

It is obvious and yet often overlooked.

Making this mistake complicates all you do to keep customers.

Which can be so frustrating especially when you work so hard.

Avoiding the mistake simplifies your marketing and grows your business.

It is all about guessing.

Specifically it is guessing about your customers.

In all my years in marketing it is the major one that wastes time and money. And it makes getting retaining customers complicated.

If you don’t know in depth all about how your customers think, feel and behave you are left with playing the old assumption marketing game.

This means you have to guess about:

  • What products or services you should be offering
  • Whether your pricing is correct
  • If your key message will make an impact
  • What the best channels are to communicate your message
  • The best marketing strategy to keep your customers buying
  • Your customer service process
  • Your key competitive advantage
  • What presence you should have online and where

And many more.

Now it is easy to learn a little about them when you first start and think you are done. Especially as you get busy working in your business to attract customers to buy your products or services.

The problem with this is customers’ attitudes and behaviours can change due to many factors which may not be obvious to you.

Just like people in your personal life.

To keep your customers buying your products or services making sure you keep up to date with customers is vital. To start just spend a little time and list out what you know and what you don’t know at the moment. This includes who buys what products or services all the way to how they like to communicate and what they do online and offline.

Avoiding this mistake doesn’t have to be complex. In fact it is one of the simplest ways to remain trusted and relevant in their lives. 

What is your tip you would share to make sure you don’t have to play the marketing guessing game?

See how I can help your business use simplicity to keep customers buying.

10 Responses to Keep Customers By Avoiding This Mistake

  1. Hi Susan, another great post! My tip is to crowd source your marketing to your customers or prospects, let them tell you exactly how they want you to market to them.

  2. Good article Susan. Agree with what Jackie and Dennis said as well. What Dennis pointed out is crucial, just as we change on a continouos basis, our customers do.

  3. This is definitely great advice. And I think one more thing that you could add is to revisit your findings and reevaluate quarterly or at least twice a year. Trends change so quickly these days that you could miss something in 6 months. Great article, Susan.

  4. For me Susan its about looking at the metrics and demographics to give me a feel for current audience.

    When you get down to thoughts and feelings of the customer, the best way I’ve found is to simply ask.
    Most clients are more than happy to give feedback, and let you know what they’re thinking.

    Whether you do that via a survey process, or simply conversation, it’s the shortest route to answers in my view.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us this great idea, as newbies it would be a learning in which can open our minds to discover new things from unfamiliar thoughts…