How Simplicity Costs Less To Get New Customers

Nobody wants to increase costs to get more customers.  And if you can reduce costs and achieve your objective then your bottom line is better. In this article, I will look at one aspect where you can reduce costs by simplifying. Naturally, it is linked with simplicity and how using it can decrease expenses to… Continue Reading

Keep Customers Buying With A Simple Twist

Customers often expect guarantees.  They are an effective tactic as they lessen the purchase risk for potential customers and help with customer retention. The same goes for email. Most guarantees have a time period before they expire. And businesses hope that nothing needs replacing or repairing in that time. With email, you may get customer… Continue Reading

Grow Your Business. Forget Marketing Systems

There is a process for marketing of brands, which has been around for hundreds of years.  But not a system or production line, that suits every single brand or type of business. Yet you see articles, courses, workshops around systems all the time especially about using specific tactics in specific ways. This would mean you… Continue Reading

How To Make Informed Decisions To Attract Customers

Are you spending time?   Are you spending money? If you answered yes to either, then you are making investments to attract customers. Naturally, you want to make the right decisions regarding your marketing strategies and tactics to get a return on your investment. And so it is important you make an informed decisions together… Continue Reading

Here Is A Quick Way To Keep Customers Buying

Saving customers’ time can help to keep them buying your products or services. And in line with this if you sell directly to them is to remember what they do and like. A local deli, fruit and vegetable shop I visit has delicious food and products. A few weeks ago, I started noticing a change… Continue Reading

Selecting Marketing Tactics In A Hot Market

Is your market hot and competitive, or are there few competitors?  Is it growing or slowing? Answering these and other questions are necessary when selecting your marketing strategies and tactics to get new customers. One reason is because your tactics are an expense and you want to make sure you spend your time and money… Continue Reading