How To Cut Out Complexity To Attract Customers

Attracting customers can be tough.  So the last thing your business needs is to have complexity hindering success. There is one way to help you cut out the complexity when you want to attract customers. It is all about doing the simple and obvious. Simplify If you think of the areas you need to cover… Continue Reading

How To Grow Your Business With Elimination

If you want to use simplicity to grow your business, you need to remove complexity. This means decisions have to be made. They do not have to be complicated or take a lot of time. The decisions have to do with the process of elimination. Elimination has many benefits and is part of using simplicity… Continue Reading

Escape The Competition Trap And Gain New Customers

Have you ever considered that your fiercest competition can be sources of inspiration to get new customers?  If you haven’t, they can be. And it has nothing to do with copying them or doing the same thing. This article is looking at one element where you can look at your competition to get new customers.… Continue Reading

Increase Customer Retention. Get Out Of The Comfort Zone.

Are you willing to simplify a process to increase your customer retention? If you are then you could increase revenue. And have an increasing number of customers returning to repurchase. In any business, you have strategies and processes in place to retain customers. You may  not have changed or looked at the processes to see… Continue Reading

Here Is A Simple Method To Get More Customers

Do you only look at the market segment your business competes in?  If you do, you may be missing an opportunity to gain new customers. This was highlighted when I saw a TV commercial for Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. Normally after you have a shower, dry off, then moisturise your skin. With this product you… Continue Reading

Here Is A Fast Way To Get Business Growth

Business growth should not be complicated.  And hesitancy is one reason why it is complicated. This was highlighted the other day from an email I got from a small business owner. He offers three services and sales are steady. And he is looking for ways to grow his business now. However, he is reluctant to… Continue Reading