Business Ideas From Yellow And Blue Bags

IKEA opened their largest store in the southern hemisphere a couple of weeks ago. It is massive, over 2 floors and 2.5km in length if you want to walk through every department. Although I knew what I wanted to buy I didn’t take advantage of taking a store map on offer and of course I… Continue Reading

A Simple Marketing Strategy Error Can Damage Your Brand

As well as a potential long term customer relationship. When you want new customers the initial communication is critical. Over the last few weeks I bought a couple of software products. One I downloaded and started using it immediately. The other I bought last week and have yet to download and install. In both cases… Continue Reading

17 Ways To Grow Sales And Avoid Tumble Dryer Feeling

When the sales are up you get that feeling that all is good with the world. When sales down your stomach can feel like it has turned into a tumble dryer just churning away endlessly. Even though all business experience ups and downs with sales this is cold comfort when you are seeing a downward… Continue Reading

Increase Customers With A Flexible Pricing Strategy

One question arises when you are looking today to increase customers buying your products or services. Should you or shouldn’t you? Have prices on your website for your services. There are two camps with very views. Your pricing is a critical part of your marketing strategy especially if you want new to increase customers for… Continue Reading

To Learn Or Not To Learn

Do you jump in, learn and use every new marketing activity or tool immediately? Or Do you wait to get dragged into learning and using them years after everyone else? These are the extremes and neither is ideal when marketing your brand. You can’t afford to ignore certain marketing activities or tools. They can help… Continue Reading

Marketing Lessons From A Horse Race

Today is the Melbourne Cup which is one of the biggest horse races in the world. For some this is the one time of the year they will bet a small amount on a horse race. Others who are regular racegoers will outlay a lot of money in the hope they win. There are similarities… Continue Reading