Can Simplicity Benefit Your Brand?

According to a recent survey it can. For the fourth year, Siegle + Gale conducted the Global Brand Simplicity Index. The survey covered a number of industries, including fitness to online retail to social media to hospitality and travel. Here is a video with a summary. Click Here if you can’t see the video. Some… Continue Reading

Grow Your Business Without Being Overwhelmed

In the 1970 book, Future Shock, Alvin Toffler used the phrase “information overload.”  It was about how it in the future it will be difficult for people to make decisions when faced with too much information. Fast forward to today and information overload is a growing problem, so it is easy to realise why many… Continue Reading

Get New Customers. Simplify The Customer Journey.

When a new customer looks to buy your product or service, they are on a journey.  Sometimes it may feel like a pleasant walk up a hill. Other times it seems like they are climbing a mountain with obstacles in the way. With the climb some make it, others will back track to where they… Continue Reading

A Common Factor For Successful Business Growth

Business growth should not be complicated.  You see what others are doing, action the must do tactics and yet today it may seem harder to achieve. After looking at a number of businesses there was one factor, I saw that helped businesses get growth. And that is they simplified their potential or current customers lives… Continue Reading

See How Glenn Murray Turned His Copywriting Expertise Into Products.

Using the power of simplicity, creativity and a lot of persistence can grow your business.  I am always on the lookout for companies and people who simplify the lives of customers through their product or service. After meeting Glenn Murray from Divine Write on Twitter, having a rather long chat I asked him to share… Continue Reading

Is Your Communication Hitting Right Spot?

Too little and customers may forget your business.  Too much and customers may ignore your business. Communication is one of the keys to keep customers buying. And there are three parts. What your business communicates How your business communicates How often your business communicates with customers. So what is the right timing for your business… Continue Reading