Finding Customers With The Right Marketing Strategies

Are free and hope your marketing strategies for finding customers? They go like this: You give away your time or a free trial of your product. Then you hope the customer will buy. You many continue doing this and then after a while realise you have wasted a number of precious hours. These are not… Continue Reading

A Secret Weapon To Keep Customers Buying That Works

When you are busy, it is easy to let things slip.  You may put information on post it notes, or in a notebook. This complicates running your business. And opportunities may be missed. Especially if one of your objectives is to retain customers. This happened to one small business owner. She was busy with new… Continue Reading

How To Use Frustration To Beat Your Competition

This is not about your potential customers’ frustration.  Instead, this article is how you can take advantage of your competitors’ frustration. It can help you escape the competition trap to get new customers. There is nothing sneaky about it. All it requires is for you to observe. On any day, you will find articles that… Continue Reading

Simplify And Free Up Your Time

Do you want to free up your time? Stupid question I know. But many business owners make decisions that do the opposite. Let’s take the objective of getting new customers. One element for customers to consider is your product or service. And in that decision is how you present your prices, product or service. Sometimes I… Continue Reading

Could These Silly Mistakes Cost Your Business Sales?

I think so.  No business is perfect and we all make mistakes. However, silly mistakes can weaken relationships and affect your sales. In this case the mistakes were about lack of empathy and trust for the customers’ situation. Empathy and trust are essential for healthy customer relationships. And they are integral to using simplicity to retain… Continue Reading

Simplify Your Processes To Get More Customers

If it took some work, would you say no?  How about if the change reduced your costs. And increased revenue? It can be comfortable continue business as usual with the same old processes. Yet to get growth and more customers a fresh look, with a dash of simplicity may be in order. Simply, Reduce Costs,… Continue Reading