Think Strategically To Enjoy Additional Sales

The lack of time is seen to be one of the biggest hurdles when you are looking for business growth.  This leads to procrastination and putting potential ideas are put off. When you look at finally developing them, you may find another business already has. Yet time is not the real issue. The answers to… Continue Reading

Do You Have A Simple Customer Retention Strategy?

You work hard to gain customers.  And a simple customer retention strategy can help ensure they keep buying. Having a strategy in place doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It does however take consideration as to the best one for your business. The reason for this is that you want to have an effective… Continue Reading

How To Attract Customers In A Crowded Market

The good news is the internet can make it easier to attract customers.  The bad news is many markets are very competitive and crowded with options. When you seek ways how to attract customers in a crowded market it takes more than implementing marketing tactics. One way is to think strategically, get creative and sometimes… Continue Reading

Get Reacquainted To Stop Customer Attrition

One of the simplest ways to stop customer attrition is to forget about chasing new customers for a moment.  Instead, focus on another group. The ones that have bought from you in the past. But have not bought from you in a while. It is easy to forget them and go find new customers, however why… Continue Reading

Could Service Delivery Be Your Secret Weapon?

A part of any experience with a brand or business is in the service delivery.  And it can play a key role in keeping customers buying your products or services as part of your marketing strategy. If you provide a service, you probably have your preferred way to deliver your service. From the initial contact, through… Continue Reading

Why New Customers Are Not Buying

When you want to attract new customers it doesn’t always go to plan.  Sometimes they will not buy. And there are usually a number of reasons why not. One common one these days has to do with what you offer. Instead of guessing why they do not buy you can use a simple approach that may… Continue Reading