Simplify Your Marketing Like Olympic Champions

one marketing objective at a timeHave you ever watched post race interviews?

If you have you may have seen the top performers say that they say they focused on one goal and one race at a time.

They don’t run the heats as they do the finals.

They know what they have to do in each round versus the other athletes to move forward so they can achieve their ultimate goal.

The athletes have fantastic focus and clarity.

It is the same when you are marketing your brand.

Trying to achieve too many goals at once, instead of using the one objective at a time path adds complexity to your business.

The reason for this is for each goal you often will use different strategies and tactics to achieve them. Or you will use them in different ways.

Attempting to do more as often ends in fewer achievements.


Taking a step back to look at what is the most important goal for your business to achieve in the set time reduces uncertainty as well as stress.

It also allows you to see if your focused marketing strategy is aligned to this goal or if there is a mismatch.

Once you get the clarity it is easier to focus on the ones that move you forward to achieving the desired goal.

Time and Money Saver

When you focus on one goal at a time you can easily see whether any new idea you have fits in. You will save time or money by quickly evaluating whether the idea is a help or hindrance.

You will also save time by not getting distracted with the latest thing to use or do.

If it works for Olympic champions then why not follow their example. You never know what exceptional results you could get for your business.

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8 Responses to Simplify Your Marketing Like Olympic Champions

  1. Spot on Susan!

    As Warren Buffett and Bill Gates swiftly answered when asked what’s the most important thing for you to do do succeed: Focus!

    And athletes really do. They see in front of them how they succeed with the goal they have in mind. It’s more difficult for out brains to focus on numerous goals at the same time.

    • Hi Catarina,

      I wonder why when we have so many examples in sport and business regarding the importance of focus that some businesses still don’t do it. As you said it is more difficult for the brain to focus on numerous goals.

  2. Susan, I am not much of a sports fan but I can remember learning about setting a goal and then lining up the objectives towards meeting that goal. I especially remember one woman who I worked with who was appalled that I couldn’t relate our teams goals and objectives to football. Bottom line, she was saying the same thing you are, focus on one goal at a time. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Susan,

    How right you are. I think sometimes we get caught up in all the advice of the marketing gurus. Be in social media, start a newsletter, make xx new business calls a day. We can only focus on one goal at a time like the Olympic runners. Good to be reminded

    • Hi Jeannette,

      Glad you liked it and what makes it worse is the advice changes every few weeks. It must be so confusing for those without experience.