Simplify And Gain More Success With Your Marketing

SimplifyToday there are so many marketing activities and tools that you can use to gain and keep customers and be  productive.

It can be overwhelming to know which ones to choose.

It is also tempting to keep trying out all new ones in the hope they will produce better results.

Some are indeed advancements and will prove invaluable for your small business marketing; however others are the same as what you currently use with perhaps a few bells and whistles.

With more tools, apps, activities etc likely to increase this year, perhaps it is time to take a step back, look at what you are doing and simplify what you use to achieve greater results.

This is not to replace a marketing plan, it is just a way of keeping a very clear focus and not over complicating what you are doing or using throughout the year.

At the centre is building and strengthening your key customer relationships as this of course is where your sales will come from. Although I will not go into it here you could add key strategic partnerships as they are also important.

A Simple Exercise

Look at all the activities and tools you are using or thinking about using and just ask two questions:

“Will this strengthen my customer relationships?”

“Will this increase my productivity?”

The answers are:

 YES or


You can also do this exercise when you are considering new marketing activities or tools to implement in the future.

Just like cleaning out a closet or garage you are more likely to be left with marketing activities and tools that you will use more consistently and enjoy more success.

Over to You

What are your thoughts? Do you have a method of keeping focused and simplifying what you use?