Simplicity Gets Your Business New Customers

To attract new customers why take the complex path? new customers difference

It doesn’t help your business to grow.

If you are presenting a proposal to potential customers, do you follow what other businesses do?

Or do you simplify the process for customers.

Jeannette Paladino from Write Speak Sell has made a number of comments over the years on this blog.  And one that kept running through my mind was her approach to getting new customers.

I asked her to expand on her approach with an example.

Jeannette presented to a highly successful building consulting company. The proposal covered a number of areas she broke into modules.

Each module detailed what they would get and the price. The company could choose the modules they wanted depending on their budget and other considerations.

They chose two of the modules.  And the beauty of this approach is if they want the third module, they have all the information and price.

Another company lumped all the work into one proposal with a flat price.  There was no indication where the money would be allocated.

She had a new customer.

Jeannette’s approach is a great example of how simplicity gets your business new customers.

Her approach benefits the customer:

  • As Jeannette mention customers like this method because they can see what they get for the price
  • Saves them time working through the proposal trying to work out the information and value
  • They can see how their budget can be allocated.
  • They are in control of what they go with depending on their priorities
  • Makes their decision making process simple
  • They can proceed to implementation quicker
  • Saves them time going back and forth for further detail
  • Provides them with clarity of all elements of a project or projects

They have the details of each module rather than general information that they may need to clarify

For the business owner benefits include:

  • Jeannette she said it organises her thinking and she is able to price her services better
  • Reduces or eliminates price negotiation
  • Can lead to higher overall price and sales revenue
  • Differentiates businesses from others who give one all in one proposal
  • Simplifies the process to gain further assignments

Simplicity in your approach whether with a proposal or any step in the buying decision process can be a competitive advantage to grow your business.

And customers will remember it.

Over to you: what other benefits can you add from using this approach? Do you have a way when offering your products or services that using simplicity?

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19 Responses to Simplicity Gets Your Business New Customers

  1. Hi Susan – as a new reader of your blog I though I’d just jump in and leave a quick comment here to say I’ve been reading a few posts and enjoying them very much. Cheers! Shaun

    • Hi Shaun and welcome to the blog. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and looking forward to you sharing your thoughts on the article.

  2. Hey Susan,

    Jeanette’s approach sounds like a common sense one! By breaking things down into modules, you’re better able to explain and justify the individual components, so clients can see why the total cost amounts to what it doess get up 2

  3. Susan – The title of this post caught my attention. We are just drowning in complexity these days. There are too many choices in everything we do. Many customers end up giving up and not buying anything a as a result. The business that simplifies things and makes it easy for customers to make choices will get their business. Google home page is a great example of how simplicity can help customers help them.

    • Hi Harry,

      We are drowning and it only seems to get worse for both businesses and customers. Google’s home page is a great example of simplicity and it hasn’t changed over the years. Thanks for your comments Harry.

  4. I love that approach. It really does make it easier for all concerned. The beauty of it is that they can always add the other module/modules at any time in the process.

    As for me. I would be hard presses to top that appraoch. I offer three options to my readers in my blog. Some only like the recipes, some only the wine, some my stories. Then some enjoy them all that I do. Time will tell what will come up on top. 🙂

  5. Susan, thanks so much for devoting a post to my approach to proposal writing. It has worked for me and I hope your readers find it useful. Needless to say, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the business!

    • My pleasure Jeannette and thanks for sharing your method as I am sure it will help others. Agree about the it doesn’t guarantee you will get the business but it will certainly help.