Simple Things Make A Big Difference With Customers

Heather Smith MYOB TrainerWhen marketing your brand it is often the simple actions you take that can make a big difference with your customers.

Heather Smith who is releasing a new book soon called Learn Myob in 7 Days sent me an email about  a company she bought  product from as a suggested topic for a blog post.

The product was a lip balm and apparently the best she has used.

The only problem was the company didn’t take any marketing action to develop the relationship, from the time of purchase, through to delivery and post purchase.

  • The pack arrived looking like pharmaceutical products
  • No letter, email or thank you for your purchase included
  • No follow up to develop the relationship
  • It was left to Heather to contact them or the website to repurchase or buy other products

As Heather mentioned there was a big wasted opportunity and she is right.

Now this may be obvious to many of you, however there were some simple fundamentals that were missed.

Before you worry about marketing tactics to action, it is important to make sure the customer has the best experience when they buy from you. After all how much time or money was put into getting them as a customers.

Map out the customer experience

It of course starts when they first buy your product or service. Actually it starts back from here but I will just look at after they have decided to buy for this post.

Look at each part of the process, such as when they have bought, during delivery and after delivery. Map out how you can strengthen and build the relationship at each step. If necessary ask someone to help you as you can get too close and their ideas can often be something you would not have thought of.

The main thing is to ensure you take steps to keep your customers buying your products or services.

Decide on what you will do

Taking the example from Heather’s experience, a simple letter included in the package with a free sample is a way to not only say thanks but introduce relevant products. This can also be done via email and just tell them that you gave included the sample.

For a service as often is the case you develop closeness to the customer as you work through the project. Take this opportunity for example to introduce your newsletter, especially if there is an article that would interest them.

You have the big opportunity during this time when customers have bought and it is a shame if you do not make the most of it.

What tips can you share that have worked for you to build these new relationships?

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14 Responses to Simple Things Make A Big Difference With Customers

  1. I can absolutely relate. I am in the customer service industry, and I know how the simple things can greatly impact on the growth of one’s business. Something that we shouldn’t ignore.

  2. Great points, Susan. You’re right that we should engage our customers/clients any chance we get through a relationship. It just goes to show that building relationships in business is becoming a staple for success. Like the guy at the sandwich place who knows what you like, how you like it and remembers your name. That relationship will keep you coming back.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Sandwich place is a great example and have you noticed that that the ones we frequent always smile at the first point when they see you which is great way to start the transaction. Thanks Dennis

  3. Susan, sometimes I wonder if people don’t think? How can someone who runs a business completely over look what they have to do in order to prosper?

    As you say, if they don’t know what to do they need to find out. If not the customers will start buying from their competitors.

    • Hi Catarina,

      Surprising as it is they don’t unfortunately and this just makes life harder for them. Perhaps that is why you often read in reports that the key goal for small businesses is attracting customers as they haven’t done the simple things with those that have bought.

  4. Susan,
    This is an excellent reminder that we have to make each customer service experience an excellent one. Every contact with our customers is an opportunity to do a little extra and stand out from our competition. Your suggestion to have included a free sample is a perfect example.

    • Hi Sherryl,

      Cosmetic companies do this well, although to get samples you generally have to spend a certain amount, but it does work. I am surprised that business still don’t look at the touch points as opportunities. I read a couple of other posts this week that highlighted the problem.

  5. There is nothing more important than making the customer experience as phenomenal as possible. This is most frequently accomplished by adding simple human touches as your post points out. As a consumer, I notice the “little things” such as the friendliness factor and enthusiasm in someone’s voice. As a business owner, I make sure every experience my clients have is easy and pleasant. One touch I like is to remember their birthdays. What’s nicer than being remembered on your most special day.

    • Hi Keyuri,

      Good point about birthdays as it a simple thing to remember and friendliness is one of the easiest ways to get closer to customers.

  6. It amazes me how difficult companies make it to buy their products and services online. I’m visiting Washington D.C next month for a few days of fun with a friend. I booked an evening monument tour with a major company. No place on the site did it say where the tour originates. So, we’ll have to call company to find out where to do. Now isn’t that dumb?

    • Hi Jeannette,

      It certainly is dumb and the thing is by not doing the simple things right it makes life for a business so much harder.