Simple Marketing Lesson, Change The Music

Just because you set out on one path doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t change direction. business direction

Especially when you are not having fun or getting results.

When I was growing up a family friend played the violin in the Sydney Sympathy Orchestra.

I like all kinds of music but for some reason I have always loved to listen to someone playing classical music with the violin.

As a surprise a number of years ago I was given a violin for my birthday.

I imagined playing all the classical pieces I liked with my violin.

Unfortunately after a while reality set in.

I wasn’t suited to playing the classical pieces unless you like them all played at the tempo of the flight of the bumblebee.

Practice was a chore and I was often asked if I could practice in the garage and not in the house.

Change Direction

My teacher persevered for a while then decided to introduce me to what I call the fast stuff like blue grass, Irish music etc

It came more naturally to me and saved the cat from running out of the house when he heard me unlocking the violin case.

While I thought before we changed direction that I would get it in the end it I realised I liked the way others played classical music and wanted to be able to do the same.

This is the same with marketing.

You can go down one path with your marketing with what you think is the best way or you follow what others do, hoping to achieve the same result.

However if you step back and look at other solutions you may find that another direction is best for you, your business and customers.

For example I provide a service but I like products so I am changing direction slightly and developing more  DIY marketing handbooks. There are three now with another being finalised.

There are also many examples in business where companies have been flexible enough to change direction and achieve better growth.


Put the passion aside for a moment, if you are not achieving the growth you desire have you looked at changing direction?

Never feel you are trapped having to keep on the same path especially if you are following others and it does not get results or feel right.

Successful marketing and business direction is never cast in stone.

Being flexible and knowing the signals that suggest change can be the start of more growth and enjoyment running the business.

So, over to you have you considered changing direction?

photo credit: Kanaka Menehune via photo pin cc

8 Responses to Simple Marketing Lesson, Change The Music

  1. All paths at some point in time were untraveled. Even though we are taught to follow the paths of those who came before us as individuals we all desire to be trend setters at some point in life. Some roads in life travel for ever, some end after a block and some have strange twists. The roads in our lives, we decide when they will stop, start or twist. It’s the beauty of life.

    • Hi Joe,

      Welcome to the blog.

      This is an excellent comment and what you have written is so true whether in life or business. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  2. I get this. In some ways it’s like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. It’s so easy to assume beause it worked for others it will work for me. That may be true on some levels but when it isn’t or doesn’t work, looking for alternatives is neessary. 🙂

    • Square peg and round hole sums it up well Susan. At least when you look for alternatives I think you are taking action rather than hoping it will all work out and feel frustrated when it doesn’t.

  3. Had a suspicioun that you are ambidextrous Susan and this is a good example of that. Isn’t it what life is all about? Keep on doing what you are already good at and develop a “new line” as well.