Do You Have A Simple Customer Retention Strategy?

You work hard to gain customers. customer retention strategy

And a simple customer retention strategy can help ensure they keep buying.

Having a strategy in place doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It does however take consideration as to the best one for your business.

The reason for this is that you want to have an effective one that benefits your business and customers.

And have your customers keep buying your products or services.

If you don’t have a strategy in place to keep customers buying here are a few tips to help.

Customer retention strategy

The first step is to decide what one or two areas you are going to focus on. These are the most important areas that will give your business a competitive advantage.

If you try to choose more you lose focus and it becomes all too difficult.

The way to choose which area or areas is to see where you have strengths, the resources or advantages over your competitors.

For example Zappos has customer service as a focal point of their strategy. Everything they do and the resources and tactics are all supporting this. Because they have been so focused it would be difficult for a competitor to copy them and try to copy their strategy.

Examples of the areas to focus which you will choose from include communication, product or service, service delivery, price.

Marketing tactics

Once you have selected your strategy then everything need s to support it. Because there are so many tactics to choose from today having a customer retention in place makes it simple.

For example if customer service was a focus to keep customers buying then you could make have tactics such as separate help lines, quicker delivery of the product or service, personal help separate groups on Facebook or Linked in etc. The choices are numerous but they must relate back to your strategic focus.

Having a customer retention strategy in place is part of using simplicity to grow your business and have healthy customer relationships.

Over to you. Do you have a strategy in place and if you do has it help keep your customers and grow your business?photo credit: budcaddell via photopin cc

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16 Responses to Do You Have A Simple Customer Retention Strategy?

  1. Hi Susan,
    I always enjoy how you emphasize focusing and simplifying what we do. I focus on customer service but my fear is that I risk not growing my business (or starting something different) because I am so focused. What I really need to do is what you suggested to me long ago and that is to switch to a product based service. As always, thanks for sharing your insight with us.

    • Thanks a lot Sherryl. I am sure you will get around to doing it. If you need any help you have my email address and Skype name. 🙂 That said your customer service focus I am sure is appreciated by your customers.

  2. Spot on Susan. To have a customer retention strategy is essential. Jeannette is right about the main focus i.e. deliver good work. To then do what Apple does and contact them to make sure they are happy and content is a logical follow up.

  3. I think that the larger your business becomes the more important your focus becomes. It can be too easy to become scattered. Having a plan in place as you grow is really the best practice.

  4. Hi Susan,
    I think every small business owner knows its important to keep customers and maybe when you have just a few and a personal relationship with each it’s not that complicated. But when that customer base increases in size, it gets a bit daunting and its harder to keep track and make sure your regulars keep coming back for more.

    • Hi Heather,

      I think deep down they do too and you make a good point about when the customer base increases in size. That is where having a database with segmentation is of great benefit. Thanks for commenting Heather.

  5. Feedback from your customers is very important. After our products are shipped, I have a representative call to see if they are happy with the items they purchased. At first no one wanted to do it because, what do you do if they are unhappy with the purchased. It is better to nip in the bud before that customer tells everyone they know. You can always turn a negative into a positive and at the end of the day that customer will appreciate the fact you cared enough, and you just build trust and a loyal customer.

  6. Susan — The most important strategy is to do good work. Sounds obvious but you must always keep that in mind and get feedback from the client. Also, keep coming up with new ideas, bearing in mind the client’s budget. That’s what clients hire us for, not to just take orders.

    • Feedback is so important isn’t it Jeannette as it can really help strengthen the relationship. Agree about new ideas especially about keeping in mind their budget.

  7. I very much agree that you need to have just a few areas of focus (2-3 max). As you said to many then it falls apart on you. For me the focus is simple, build trust, maintain subscribers, maximize on the first two. There are a number of subtitles that fall under each item but they are simple enough to alway as the question. “Does this activity support my areas of focus?” If the answer is no, then I need to reconsider my actions

  8. I’m not a marketing prof rather tech support, and recently been assigned with retention. Found this will help me and still reading more articles from customer service advice category from here. thanks