A Simple Change For The Business Growth You Desire

In life if you embrace simplicity you will feel less stress, have more clarity on what is important etc. Business growth simple change

The same thing goes with marketing.

Today marketing can be confusing and cause stress. Not just for you but also for your customers.

Simplicity in marketing can mean different things to different businesses.

But at its basic level it means focusing on what is the most important for you, your business and customers to grow.

Then it is a matter of getting rid of everything else. The approach is embracing one simple change to what you may be doing now.

Simplify Your Objectives

In your personal life there may be a number of objectives you want to achieve.

They could be getting healthy, paying off debt, planning a holiday. If you try and achieve them all at the same time it is likely you will not do it.

In marketing if you have numerous marketing objectives at the one time it complicates your business.

Sometimes they may clash and the more you have the more time or money you need to spend.

One At A Time

Take the life example you have going to Tuscany for a holiday as an objective as well as paying off debt and they both have the same due date.

It would be extremely difficult bar a lottery win to achieve both at the same time.

So you need to prioritise.

The obvious and simple approach would be to pay off debt first and then work toward going to Tuscany for a holiday.

By prioritising what is the most important for your business one at a time means you will be more likely to achieve it. You will also experience less stress.

For example you want to expand your business by adding new products or services. At the same time you want to get more customers buying what you currently offer.

These will have different marketing strategies and tactics to achieve them. This means more time or money is needed which are never in endless supply.

You need to see what is the most important to achieve first, get the result and then move onto the next objective.

If you haven’t tried to simplify your marketing then why not give it a try as you may find you will grow your business more profitably.

As always I would like to hear your thoughts. Do you follow the simple one objective at a time approach? If you do share your story.

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16 Responses to A Simple Change For The Business Growth You Desire

  1. I have to admit that there are times when I would jump into things that I end up getting way too much on my plate. Thanks so much for the friendly reminder, Susan. Time to trim things down and to stop being way too much of a multi-tasker.

  2. When I was in the corporate sector and pursuing potential clients, I had the A, B and C list. Yet, prioritizing my calling list was crucial. It was also esssential to ensure that I did not follow a one size fits also approach, but looked into each companies’ needs before making that call for a potential meeting. Useful post, Susan.

  3. Hi Susan,
    It’s ironic that trying to simplify your business is often anything but simple to do. It’s a process. You get rid of what you don’t need or what has proven not to work, but still it’s sometimes complicated. There are times when it can be hard to get rid of a part of your business that doesn’t really fit because of how it affects your bottom line. It’s the same with your marketing in a smaller way. You’re reluctant to get rid of an effort that brings in revenue even if overall it’s not really cost effective and doesn’t fit in with your overall marketing strategy.

    • Hi Heather,

      At first glance it may not seem simple and it does take some work. You bring up good points, although if you don’t make changes it will affect the business’s performance. Regarding the getting rid of say products or services this can be done over time so the bottom line effect is reduced. Regarding your marketing if it is not cost effective then it stops you spending time or money on strategies on those that are and get results. The worst thing is to do nothing.

      Thanks for these great comments.

  4. I was only thinking about objectives the other day, as my mind wandered to the gazillion things I would love to get done.

    It really does help you to filter out what you really should put your focus on, and there’s nothing to say that those other things can’t or won’t get done, but if they’re not important to your goals, they you have to shelve them for later.

    • Hi Jackie,

      You comment about your mind wandering to the gazillion things reminds me of what my chinese doctor said to me once. Your brain is very active and I took it as a compliment. But he said it was a bad thing as you need to focus. You are right about shelving them to later which we tend to forget about. have a great time at the problogger event.

  5. Hi Susan: Here is my problem. I’m writing a book. In today’s world, you can’t write/market/publish a book without a built-in audience. Which means you’ve got to have a huge online following/readership. Which means you have to spend excessive amounts of time online. Which leaves little or no time for writing. Something’s gotta give, and it seems that week after week, it’s the writing vs the marketing.

    • Good to see you here Doreen. I can understand the problem. Have you set out a plan of steps you need to take leading up to the publishing from both a writing and promotion aspect? The reason is sometimes writing them out and taking small steps can help break you away from the writing vs marketing dilemma. Or perhaps there is another way around it instead of trying to build a huge online audience.

  6. I use the one at a time method all the time, in my personal life and my business. It always amazes me how much I am able to get done when I focus that way. I am reminded of that when I fall into the trap of multi-tasking and it takes way longer to accomplish what it would have on the one at a time method. 🙂

    BTW: I am publishing a story tomorrow inspired by you with a shout-out to you as well. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      I am not surprised that you do the one at a time and accomplish so much 🙂 Can’t wait to read your story tomorrow and an early thanks for the shout-out.

  7. What can I say other than this is great advice. The KISS method – keep it simple stupid. Simple and one thing at a time. Too many thing means nothing will turn out well.