The Simple Advantages Of Having A Marketing Strategy

Without one you complicate your marketing. marketing strategy provides direction

And make it more difficult for customers to buy your products or services.

A focused marketing strategy is like the glue to make all the pieces fit and work well together.

A few simple advantages of having a marketing strategy are:

Simplifies Business Decisions

For example your marketing strategy is focused on customer retention. And the key focus is customer service and communication.

Any ideas you have are judged to see if they support the strategy or not.

Taking the above example you may have an idea for an email campaign or a series that you heard gets results with new blog subscribers.

This marketing tactic does not support the marketing strategy and wastes time and money.

Another example is you get the idea that offering a “freebie” or price discount is the way to go to get customers. Again this doesn’t support a strategy for customer retention.

Provides Direction

Rarely do you see successful business not have a clear direction for their brands.

A marketing strategy provides that direction and helps you stay on course.

Having a clear direction means everything is focused on achieving the marketing, financial and sales objectives.

Without it in place is like flying a plane blindfolded.

You would never know if you are on course to reach the destination and you wouldn’t be able to make the adjustments needed due to the weather conditions.

Gives Your Business A Competitive Advantage

Many small businesses do not have a strategy in place. They focus on tactics only without any way to see if they have chosen the right ones.

If this is done then it is a hit and miss way of marketing and can lead to frustration, which is the last thing you want.

It can also lead to start, stop, start approach to marketing. This is trying different tactics and when results they wish for don’t appear they stop and start using another tactic.

Marketing can seem complicated these days, but having a marketing strategy in place simplifies it and helps your business thrive and profit.

Over To You

What other advantages can you share if businesses have a marketing strategy in place?

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14 Responses to The Simple Advantages Of Having A Marketing Strategy

  1. Following a strategy is very important, of course, but loosing your creativity by over-planning everything can also happen, especially for bloggers. After all, readers are searching for the real, funny, sarcastic, flaws and all, YOU,

    • Thanks Scott. I can only give the overall ideas on the blog. The specific idea and steps I do for my customers as they are tailored.

      Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

  2. Strategy is one of those words that so few people understand, and often gets used the wrong way. And yet, if you’re in any kind of business, it’s so essential to your success. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be substantial enough to keep you on course. Thanks for this post!

  3. To date I have not had a plan. For me that is not typical. I am putting together a plan for 2013 to take both my blog and my writing to the next level. It’s interesting that I have a plan for everything, but I have not had a plan for my blog. Not good….

  4. You were so apt in your illustration relating to customer retention. It is true that so many many entrepreneurs have one objective in mind, but that actions do not lead them towards attaining this objective. A freebie or a discount could attract new customers – so if attracting new customers was the objective, this would be it.

    • Hi Lubna,

      Unfortunately the matching up doesn’t occur as much as it should, but then it is not always easy to know what actions to take unless you have experience. Thanks for your comment.

  5. With such clear advantages, it’s a wonder any business neglects the “strategy” part of “marketing strategy” — but all businesses and even blogs, as Susan Cooper mentions, need some way to measure success so they know what’s working and what isn’t. My team has upped the amount of meetings we have to discuss marketing so that we all know we’re on the same page, leading to a stronger strategy and coordinated implementation.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I wonder too but it is all too often unfortunately. Sounds like you and your team know how to do it and i am sure it pays off for you.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. It’s funny, I was asked why I needed a marketing strategy for my blog the other day, and I quote; “After all, it’s just a blog”. Here was my answer. “If I want my blog to be successful, I need to know what my goals are, bench-market them, check to see what my customers are asking for and what they enjoy to insure I provide the very best experience I can when they visit. That way when I do have a product to sell they will be encouraged to buy it”. I go a blank stare and a shrug. I wonder who will succeed… LOL

    • There is no doubt in my mind who will succeed Susan 🙂 What looks like hard work is often ignored and unfortunately they never realise the true business benefits.