How to Set Marketing Objectives Easily

marketing objectivesRemember the last time you achieved something that was important to you?

You may have felt relieved or very happy with yourself.

You would also remember that one of the first steps after dreaming was actually setting a goal or in marketing speak setting an objective.

By setting objectives, the end result can be visualised more clearly.

Especially if your objective is tied to what action you want your customers to take.

In simple terms, you want your customers to buy from you, or to keep buying or to buy more from your business.

The key words usually associated with setting marketing objectives are words like:

  • gain- you want to obtain
  • Increase-  you want more
  • maintain-  you want more of the same

Here are some tips to help you set your marketing objectives:

Keep It Simple

The more objectives you have the more time or money you need to achieve them. It is far easier to focus on couple at most at a time. it also means you can get real focus with your marketing strategies and tactics.

Think of what action your customers take is the most important for your business.

Linked Them To sales

Ultimately all marketing objectives must be tied to your sales and financial objectives. If you don’t then you may waste time or money.

Also it is impossible to track your progress it their are no numbers or dates attached.

Let’s look at an example:

This business currently has 10 customers who bought their services on average 5 times last year. The 10 customers were a mix of 8 current customers who have been with them for 3 years and they attracted 2 new customers last year. They have retained their customers since they have been in business.

This year they have decided that to grow their business in the next 6 months they need to to gain more customers. They still want to maintain their current customers buying from them at the current rate of purchase.

The marketing objectives the business decided on were:

  • Gain 4 new customers by December 30 2009
  • Maintain the purchase frequency of current customers at 5 times a year for the 2009 financial year

Now they have definite objectives it is easier to select the marketing strategies and tactics.

Marketing objectives are essential if you want to grow your business.