Flexibility Is A Key To Retain Customers Successfully

Are your processes or systems cast in stone? retain customers flexibility

Or do they have the flexibility of gymnast to make sure your business continues to satisfy your customers’ needs.

And grow your businesses

Sometimes your personal preferences can stop you looking at options to retain customers.

This came to light recently when discussing an upcoming issue with a small business owner.

He teaches guitar and students visit his place of business for the lessons. His business is successful but he is moving to another state and wants to keep his current students.

Flexible options

Brainstorming some options included changing the way he teaches. One option was to teach via a video call instead of face to face.  He initially said it wouldn’t work and students wouldn’t like it as he had always taught face to face.

He eventually agreed that it was worth exploring as it could help his business especially when he moved.

His students thought it was a great idea and most parents where all for it. They realised they didn’t have to spend time driving their children to the lessons and picking them up.

The initial trials have been successful and it means by being flexible in the way he delivered his service he can move home and retain his current students.

He is also looking to see if this new method of service delivery can be expanded to group lessons as another service option.

Simplicity is a benefit of being flexible

Often it is thought that simplicity may only benefit the customer or be an additional cost to the business.

The example above shows that may not be the case as this new method has allowed him to be able to teach more students and increase sales.

However, you do need to be open to change. And to be open to being flexible with your processes or systems. This applies, whether you sell a product or service.

If you have set process or service delivery systems in place that you haven’t looked at for years, perhaps it is time to see how you can satisfy customer needs and benefit your business.

As always over to you. Have you embraced flexibility to keep customers buying your products or services? Could your processes or systems benefit do with a dash of flexibility and simplicity?

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photo credit: thefuturistics via photopin cc.

22 Responses to Flexibility Is A Key To Retain Customers Successfully

  1. I believe that flexibility and simplicity do go together. It intrigued me that you paired these two here on customer retention. I believe our businesses are all about the relationship! So you really helped us think out of the box here. thanks, Amy

  2. I agree with you. We should always be able to adapt to change, or go out of our way to change things for the better. Flexibility is a good way to retain customers, improve our way of meeting their needs and respond to the changing times.

  3. Susan,
    Your guitar teacher is a great example of someone changing with the times. His move to video lessons may have been motivated out of need but it’s encouraging to hear that it’s being received so well.

    I believe that I’ve always been flexible when it comes to meeting my customer needs. It comes from my IT background where technology is constantly changing and you either have to adapt or find a different career. 🙂 Great reminder though and (as always) an excellent example.

    • Very true about technology Sherryl and your background and happy you liked the example. Often it is the little things technology can do that will help businesses today but often it is clouded in making it look all too hard. His change was right for his business because his students were into technology but it wouldn’t have worked if they weren’t. Thanks as always for your comment 🙂

  4. Susan,

    I love the image. Something I could never do even when I was younger. You are so right about you do need to be open to change. Change is hard. I had to get on the bandwagon with the new technologies that appear every day. If you are not flexible you will be left in the dust. My children text. For the life of me I couldn’t understand why they can’t just pick up the phone and call. I realized if I didn’t text back, I would not hear from them at all. So I am learning in everyday life to be more flexible, which is also helping my business grow.

    • Sorry for the late reply Arleen. Like the story about your children and text and it is so true. Good to hear that flexibility is helping your business grow and it is funny if you do it a little at a time it is not so hard.

  5. Wonderful example Susan.And so true.

    We all make the mistake your customer originally did when he was of the opinion it would not work. It happens when we are really stuck doing things in a certain way. When we let go of the habit we often find we should have done so a long time ago. But better late than never, as they say.

  6. Right, they say – a simply you are the more people will come to you. Flexibility is a must have thing for anyone who wants to gain a success not only online but offline as well…
    Thanks for sharing. get Flexible))

  7. Susan — It’s important to be flexible, for sure. Your guitar example is great. With new technologies being launched every day we may be afraid to try something new. It’s more comfortable sticking with the old and what’s worked before. But in the guitar instructor’s case, technology enabled him to keep the students he has while adding new ones when he moves.

    • You are right about being comfortable and what worked before Jeannette and perhaps some who are reluctant to consider change is because of too many shiny new tools.

  8. What a great example of moving beyond a closed opinion or concept. We sometime get stuck in our own process and it takes someone else to help us see what we can’t or what we miss. I’ve been working through some changes on my site and it has been interesting to hear what my web-guy has to say and what his recommendation are. His insight has been refreshing because he feels free to really share his opinion. It also helps that I’m open to hearing it… LOL.

    • I think your last words about being open to hearing says it all Susan. Unless that happens nothing will occur. I must admit I let the idea hang with him for a while as he was not open initially to changing after 15 years doing it face to face.

      • I have found that the longer someone does a specific marketing practice or customer service activity the harder it is for them to make a change. It (sometimes) takes a significant event to get them to go searching for a new way. It’s sad really.

        BTW: I just made subtle but significant changes to my site. Let me know what you think. 🙂

        • In the end if they do not want to consider change as in personal lives as well nothing will happen Susan. Look at all the attempts Governments have tried to stop drink driving and smoking. I will definitely have a look at your site and send you can email. I am sure the changes will look great 🙂

  9. The idea of video guitar lessons is great. I keep trying to dream up ways to still engage in teaching, but through video tutorials. Just gotta figure out how to make it work while also getting that pesky novel written 😉 It’s an exciting time to be able to try such things.

    • It is an exiting time Jeri and good for you to be looking at ways to teach. I bet you will come up with an idea and I am sure that pesky novel will get written 🙂