Do Not Say Sorry To Retain Customers

Have you ever gone to repurchase your favourite product or service only to find it is not available? retain customers do not say sorry

Often you will hear or read a sign that says sorry.

If you have you know it means you have to wait until it is available or having to look elsewhere. This can add time and stress which you do not want.

If you decide to look at other brands then you know you have to go through the purchase decision making process, which can be a hassle.

The same thing goes with your customers. If you are a service business and have the sorry I am fully booked sign out it adds complexity to your customers’ experience.

If you sell a product and they have to wait longer to buy the product or find it is out of stock, competitors may become attractive.

To retain customers is not always easy. However using simplicity can help keep your loyal customers.

Avoid customer disappointment

Part of using simplicity to keep your customers means you seek out ways to cut costs. While some customers may be happy to wait it doesn’t send a strong signal that they are important.

The unfortunate aspect is they may never tell you their disappointment so you could be unaware that it may harm future purchases. Reliability is one important aspect as it means it lessens the time and stress for customers.

Use your database and sales reports

These are essential, as patterns appear over time that you can use to be proactive if you know when your products or services will be in demand. This then lets you be proactive to ensure you can deliver to retain your loyal customers.

Have alternatives on hand

This is an old technique large businesses do with products. By having different flavours, packaging alternatives, styles etc they worked out that customers would prefer to keep buying within the brand and not go for a competitor’s product.

It simplifies it for the customers and reduces loss of sales for the business.

The same may be able to done with services and it is about the oldie but goodie of having a DIY product of your service. If this can’t be done then by having a customer care program in place means you are in touch on a regular basis that you will know when they will need your services.

Today minimising any aspect that could put a dent in your customers’ experience only adds complexity to your business and who wants that.

So why not take a little time to see how you can ensure your customers keep buying and not have to worry about saying sorry.

As always over to you: do you have processes in place to ensure your products or services are available for your current customers.
photo credit: butupa via photopin cc

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12 Responses to Do Not Say Sorry To Retain Customers

  1. Agree with you Susan.

    It’s so annyoing when companies cannot deliver. A couple of weeks ago I got an SMS from my mobile phone operator offering me 100 minutes for free. Catch was it didn’t work and shops assistants in their shop said there was s problem with the offer. It gives a terrible image to the phone operator. Fatal actually. Made me contemplate to switch to another operator. Catch is they are as bad, so what’s the point:-)

  2. The need to move to the other side of the country has definitely put a dent into the progress I’ve been making in the writing and editing department, but at least I have a few back-up editors that I am able to highly recommend. As for products become unavailable, I will say thank goodness for Amazon because now I can order my favorite perfume now that none of the stories down South sell it.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Didn’t know where you were heading with this post when I saw the title but I completely agree with your conclusions. Customer disappointment isn’t a good thing. Minimize it to the best of your ability and your customers will always come back.

  4. I am with Susan. If I can’t get what I want, I go to another shop. If the price is better, that’s my new shop. It’s one thing to be out of something, another thing not to have a handle on the buying needs of your customers.

  5. It really is true. It is a bit of a turn off when I see something like that. I often will go looking for it elsewhere. A case in point. I ran aout of my brand of cat food. The store I frequent had run out of this popular brand there was the sign. I asked when they expected in and they couldn’t tell me. So I went search of it and found it at a discount store at 20% less then what I had been paying. I now go to that sore and they have never run out and they will do special order if you have a need. The other store lost me as a customer and I have never gone back. I not sure that would have happened if they had handled it differently. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      You bring up a great point which I probably should have covered and that is how companies can handle the situations and not lose a customers. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wise enough to stick to this advice. Thanks for sharing. That is a quite new thing to read. better than “how to drive traffic”)lol