To Retain Your Customers, Do Not Make Them Think

With the hectic world of today, don’t you like it when a business anticipates your needs? retain customers

It is as if they at your side make life simple for you.

If you like businesses that make your life easier, there is a good chance your customers do too. After all, simple is the new black to retain customers.

When you use simplicity so customers don’t have to think, especially when they should repurchase can lead to increased sales and profit.

What are their needs?

If you have mapped out their needs you would know over the year when your products or services can help them achieve their outcomes. The customer may not remember because they have others things on their mind.

Some products or services are obvious such as when your favourite chocolate if down to one square. For others there may not be obvious signs or they may not be aware of the need to repurchase your product or service again.

Tell them when they need to repurchase

To retain your customers don’t leave it up to them to remember to keep buying your products or services.

For an example look at the servicing of cars. In the manual it tells you when your car needs servicing. Garages that service cars put a sticker on the drivers’ side that you see every time you drive when you need to bring the car in for the next service.

To keep it simple they put the date on the sticker so you can’t forget.

For products it can be as simple as having reminders on the packaging or built into the product such as Oral B electric brushes. Other products such as the Dollar Shave Club supply their customers with new razors each month.

Often it is the little things that can keep customers happy and help grow your business. Anticipating your customers’ needs and building in ways to keep them buying means they may not be tempted to go over to the dark side and buy a competitor’s product or service.

Over to you. Have you built in ways to keep your customers buying your products or services so they do not have to think about it when they should?

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15 Responses to To Retain Your Customers, Do Not Make Them Think

  1. I’ve started a monthly newsletter that focuses more on my publications and activities as a writer and editor, but I still try to add value in other information related to literature that the reader can take away. I too have thought about offering some sort of freebie for people who subscribe to my blog, but I’m torn. On some level, I don’t really want to give away words I pour over to produce, though I do understand it can be effective. Then I ask myself what I could give away that readers would want. I’m trying to find a balance between reaching an audience that is a mix of potential readers of my work, and writers who can use advice. All in good time…

    • Hi Jeri,

      You do add value on your blog. The thing about freebies is to think of them as samples leading to an action. If it doesn’t then it is a costly exercise. Maybe you don’t need them as if you think about it the internet is flooded with freebies. I like your last sentence all in good time which is a good reminder for all of us not to necessarily rush in.

  2. Susan – This is a very timely post for me to read! It is a problem that I am facing in my current role, and I plan on sharing your post with others in my organization as it reitterates exactly what I have been saying!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Whenever a company makes it simpler for me it is always a win. It is one less thing to worry about. That in turn will turns me in a loyal repeat customer. If they maintain and continue to improve on what they offer, it will almost certainly encourage me to maintain my doing business with them. I do love simple and easy. 🙂

  4. Susan,

    With the Internet, companies have a tool that enables them to automatically schedule reminders to their customers. – such as when their car needs a tune-up. It’s a little trickier in a service business. If you get a once a year project like an annual report you need to keep top of mind all year by sending the client articles, inviting them to assn meetings, etc. so that you’re in line to get the assignment again

    • I understand what you are saying Jeannette but I wonder if there is another way than sending articles etc. The reason for this is probably other companies who want the assignment are doing the same thing.

      • That’s true, Susan. All the more reason to do it. If not, you cede the advantage to your competitors. No one ever said this was easy!

  5. Right now I am looking at what my readers might like to receive from me as a freebie. Everyone likes to sell their product, but their customers also like to buy from those who give them freebies every so often.