Be A Replacement To Attract New Customers

Whether you sell a product or service, you are asking customers to make a decision. attract new customers

And it is one of many they will make each day.

When faced with a choice, one area that is sometimes overlooked is the replacement or incremental factor.

Today many customers are looking at what they will replace when buying.

This is especially for potential new customers of your business.

This can be due to their budget or it could be because they do not want to make yet more buying decisions.

Today they are looking for businesses that make the buying decisions simple.

When you develop your marketing strategies two questions to ask are:

  • Do your products or services replace others they no longer need to buy?
  • Are they additional to other things customers have bought.

These answers include your products and services and your direct competitors. They can also include products or services in other segments.

For example in the grocery market, you see a number of products that are being marketed as replacements, such as laundry detergents with stain removers.

Not only do they replace the need to buy both separately it also saves time. This is at the point of purchase and because they do not have to worry that, they will run out of one before the other.

If you offer a service is it additional to what they already buy or is it seen as a replacement.

Time Saved

Replacements can be in terms of time saved especially if your customers are doing things themselves.

For example if you provide content or articles for your customers are you promoting your service as yet another content provider?

Or as a time saver as they no longer have to worry about sourcing, writing and publishing content.

It may take putting your creative thinking hat on. However if you can be perceived as a replacement with benefits it can give you the competitive edge.

You can also look for opportunities to get customers by observing and listening.

And it is another way of using simplicity to attract new customers and grow your business.

As always I would like you to share your thoughts. Could replacement versus incremental work for your business?

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20 Responses to Be A Replacement To Attract New Customers

  1. Thanks for this insightful post, Susan. It really got me thinking, especially towards the last part of your post. I’ve been working as a web content writer for years, and I have to admit that for a long time, I’ve just promoted myself as just another copy writer and web content writer. Since I started my blog, I’ve learned a few more skills that I can provide to my clients. After reading your posts, I think it’s time for me to tweak my CV so that I can highlight these “additional benefits” so that I am no longer just another writer in their eyes.

    • Hi Adeline,

      Sounds like it is tweaking time around here 🙂 You should definitely add those benefits in as it will no doubt help you stand out from the others that provide your type of services. Good luck with it and hope your business booms as a result of your tweaking.

  2. Like Jeanette, your posts make me stop and think. And it’s been a while since I tweaked some of my services information on my website. How to save a client time – that’s a good approach.

    Thanks for the added push, Susan.

    • Hi Leora,

      I was reading a number of articles that kept talking about people and time which gave me the idea of how to apply it to marketing. Your services would definitely save your customers time and have fun tweaking your information 🙂

      • Just wanted to comment – for some reason, I find tweaking my own services pages no fun at all. Maybe I need ways to make my own marketing more fun – I would much rather work on the pages of a client. I’m a master at finding excuses not to work on those pages.

  3. Susan — you made me stop and think. Am I a content provider or adding extra value – such as saving a client time? In fact, I’m going to tweak my website copy as a result. Such a simple marketing principle but I hadn’t thought about it in a while. Thanks for the nudge!

  4. Susan,
    This is such an important concept to understand on so many levels, and not just from the standpoint of products you want to replace. You should also be thinking defensively about what products or services could replace your own and how to evolve your business model accordingly. What’s more, some competing products and services may not even resemble one another but might reflect a lifestyle change on the part of a customer. For example, if I start spending more time at the health club, I have less time to go to the mall. What product and service decisions will I make as a result of that lifestyle shift? What products and services might be replaced as a result?

    • Hey Shawn,

      Great to see you here. Excellent points about thinking defensively and your example shows how important it is to really understand your customers.We often forget their whole life decisions that they make and can affect our business.

      Thanks so much for bring this important point up Shawn.

  5. Always finding a way to aide a costumer in saving time is really a way to save them money. I need to think a bit to see how I could incorporate this into my current blog, especially if I am trying to grow it into a profit making venture.

  6. I own a small business and we are hampered by money issues. Where do i start to even looking or how do i attract people to invest to be able to make my business grow and go big like it is itching to do. We just lack the financial start up to go big. Where or how do i start?