Obtain More Customers By Relieving A Major Problem

You and your customers face many problems. obtain more customers

Yet there is one shared by both and it can have major effects on your business.

The major problem is stress.

And to attract more customers using simplicity strategies businesses that relieve the buying stress will come out in front.

For business owners that reduce their stress when marketing will enjoy life more and grow their business.

Unless you happen to like having stress in your lives.

One of the key benefits of living simply is having less stress and I believe this can also apply to marketing your products or services.

Your Process To Get More Customers

Each business has its marketing strategy to obtain more customers. One of the elements is the process to when contacted by potential customers.

If you have a service business you may have been following the same process for years to gain new customers.

After initial contact you may:

  • Meet or talk on the phone
  • Prepare a proposal with loving care
  • Send a proposal with fingers crossed
  • Wait and chew fingernails
  • Answer questions patiently
  • Wait and chew fingernails on other hand
  • Wait again or have another meeting to discuss more elements of the proposal
  • Celebrate and say  hooray as you have and agreement and start working on the project

This may be a slight exaggeration however even if you were to add up the time each of the above takes and add the stress of waiting for the go ahead it can be costly. It can get complex for your business and customers.

And waiting is stressful especially if you need the sales.

Today through technology such as websites and the ability to publish content open up new ways.

Yet the old proposal and waiting game still exists.

If you also look at it from a customer’s point of view they also play the waiting game.  It takes up their time to go through proposals, contact a number of potential suppliers, wait for the proposal, ask questions etc. These are barriers to developing customer relationships.

As they are likely to be busy this process can cause stress when making the buying decision.


This means have a look at your process and see where you can simplify for the benefit of your business and potential customers.

This will depend on the size of your customer’s business, their requirements, size of projects etc.

There are a number of ways to simplify and one is to look at the steps that of the process and see where you can simplify them. Even small changes can make a big difference.

Another way is package up your services with a price and put it on your website.

Some disagree with this, however today you have the ability to publish content and show your personality and way of operating.  This can cut some of the time that used to require meeting or a phone call.

Some say you still need to meet or have a phone call; however is that because it has always done it that way without considering simplifying the process.

If you could simplify and have less stress and help potential customers with their buying decisions isn’t worth testing.

Over To You

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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3 Responses to Obtain More Customers By Relieving A Major Problem

  1. There are many online resources for writers, journalists, and editors. I have listed the most basic resources a small business might need to use to develop an editorial calendar and process to publish content.

  2. Technology has definitely improved the process. However, some things do not change. You still typically have to submit a proposal for approval. So crossing fingers and biting nails is still very much in the picture I think. Simpler, yes. Stress free, nope.

    • You are probably right for some instances Cheryl about submitting proposals but I found since changing my service into something like a product I no longer have to submit proposals. So my nails are much longer 🙂