Are Your Potential Customers Flirting With You?

Attract customersYou have all probably met a flirt at some time in your life.

It can be no big deal if this happens in your social life.

In business it can waste a lot your time and money.

Especially when you want to get new customers now to grow your business.

What does a customer flirt typically do?

Here Are A Few Examples:

  • Show lots of initial interest in your products or services, and then never progress through the buying stages
  • Always subscribe to any of your product or service free offer, but never buy anything
  • They appear to still be interested when you follow up, but say “I need a little more information”
  • They may ask numerous questions but never actually purchase anything
  • Keep apologising and ask for more time before making a decision
  • Leave encouraging comments on your blog but never click on your business offers
  • Get you to do a detailed proposals only to give the project to a competitor

The problem with flirts is that there are not really interested in developing a relationship. This adds complexity to your business which you do not want.

They will always be on the lookout for the next business to flirt with. If you are lucky they may buy from you once but don’t expect them to be a frequent buyer of your products or services.

When you are trying to get new customers it is important that you recognise the flirts.

The reason is so you can build a solid customer profile of those who are looking for a long term relationship.

To Avoid The Flirts:

  • You need to have a clear picture of the customers you want to attract
  • Take note of the signs they have exhibited verbally and written by those so you can be alert to the signs
  • Write down the usual path your customers take when buying your products or services.
  • Have a clear understanding of the buying behaviour of your potential customers

You work hard to get new customers, so don’t be fooled by the customer flirt.

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21 Responses to Are Your Potential Customers Flirting With You?

  1. Susan I couldn’t agree with you more. I know this sounds so petty, but I think to myself stop using my 800 number, you are wasting my time. You do not have to work with everyone and need to know the difference. I now say I am sorry I can’t help you. Better to go out and find business that will make you money, not one that you are losing time and money

  2. I love this post, Susan! It’s happened to me too many times to count. I spend all kinds of time trying to reel in a “hot” lead, only to be put off time and again. I love your tips for identifying this behavior early so we can all stop wasting time.

      • Well it’s timely. Even after 13 years in business, I had a guy just recently who gave me the runaround for WAY too long. You’re right that these folks show a lot of interest in the beginning, which is what makes us chase them so hard. It’s a funny paradox.

        • Hi Ann,

          Thinking about the issue and my time as a client, I found talking to my ad agencies is many potential clients are not organised and haven’t got their act together. Not sure of the answer but it is indeed a funny paradox.

      • It’s timely! This still happens to me after 13 years in business. In fact, I just had a guy take up way too much of my time over the past few months. The fact that they show so much interest in the beginning is what makes us chase them so hard. It’s an interesting paradox!

  3. Agree with you and the comments,Susan.

    Such “customers” are a waste of time. Recently came across one that I put in that category. And he belonged there for the moment. But then out of nowhere I got another assignment from him. Still had to submit a proposal but he took it:-)

    So sometimes they turn into customers…

  4. This happens in a way when it comes to doing sample edits or critiques for potential clients. As I gain experience, I’m getting better at realizing how serious a potential client is about their request for editing services. I’m sure I’ll be “flirting” with more than a few editors when it comes time to get professional feedback on my book.

    • Hi Jeri,

      Good to see you are getting the experience identifying them. Even as you say you will be flirting to get feedback, I am sure you will do it professionally.

  5. I’ve found it bothersome and rude over the years when I’ve been asked to submit a proposal and then discovered they were only looking for ideas and the account was “wired.” That is, they already knew who they were going to choose but were required to get several bids.

  6. Boy is this ever true. I have experienced this “flirting” behavior in my past life and they can sure waste a bunch of time for an eager Sales Rep. I love your idea of writing done a normal pattern a customer takes. Doing this really helps in two ways. First to identify true interest. Second, to help identify the “flirts” and time wasters. 🙂

  7. I just developed a reliable gut feeling about prospects. Didn’t do a lot of analyzing.

    Asking a lot of questions is a good thing if they are the RIGHT questions. Some questions are preposterous. That is when the prospect was devalued for me. Also, if their tone was challenging then I put them into the “suspect” box.

    Wisdom comes with experience.

    • Thanks for your information Greg. Working out the right questions to ask is so important as you have said.

  8. Yes, and the more willing we are to part from “suspects” and work with real “prospects”!

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’ll be back!

    • Hi Greg,

      There is alot to be said for experience. Suspects is a good word. In travel we used to call them “lookers” versus ‘bookers”.

      I would be interested to know from your experience how do you separate the two.

  9. Sometimes flirts can change into the real thing. But I guess you are saying we need to focus on the right people so as to save time, our most valuable asset.

    I do agree with that.

    • Greg,

      Thanks for your comment. You are right sometimes they can. I guess the longer we are in business, the easier it is to work out who are really interested in doing business with us.