Keep Customers Happy With A Simple Difference

keep customers happyWho doesn’t want to keep customers happy?

After all they are the one ones that can help grow your business faster.

Today a simple difference can make a huge gap between you and your competitors.

It doesn’t have to add any complexity to your business. And it is all about the customer experience.

If you can relieve customers stress levels  it can go a long way to have them be loyal to your business.

Here is one of example that I experienced on the weekend when I was restoring my laptop.

To get it back to working order meant reloading software, finding the product keys etc.

Some of the software was downloaded from the web and I couldn’t find a record of the downloads or product numbers.

To get the information from two companies meant a series of phone calls, waiting for emails, answering questions.

Time to get all of this was about 2 hours.

With another company I just had to login to the free account and in my account was all the information on one page.

Time to get the information was 2 minutes.

Apart from the big time difference one company obviously cared completely about their customers. It has been said you should obsess over your customers if you want to keep customers happy so they keep buying.

Be The Same

You could be like the two companies that follow what seems to be usual practice for them and their competitors.

By following what others do and not looking at ways to make life customers’ lives simpler can make it more difficult to differentiate your brand.

Sometimes asking “how can this be made better for the customer” can lead to a competitive advantage and increased sales.

Stand Out

One way to stand out and find opportunities is to look at your customers stress points.

In my example time was a stress point. I needed to get everything back up and running as soon as I could.

The other company saved me time and made the whole process simple. If I ever decided to seek an alternative to their product then competitors would have to exceed this key benefit.

A way to start is to look at all touch points and see if there are complexities built in from a customers’ point of view. Once you have identified them you can start removing the barriers. Remember customers have long memories.

And make thing simple for them helps your business stand out from your competitors, increasing sales and profit.

Have you ever done something differently that made an impact with your customers? Share your story.

See how I can help your business use simplicity to keep customers happy.



17 Responses to Keep Customers Happy With A Simple Difference

  1. Susan,
    Actually this client will buy an hour of my time if it’s anything more than a simple tip. But I will send him articles and point him to speaking opportunities, as I will to other clients/ former clients/prospects. It’s a little extra service that doesn’t take a lot if time and I consider it a marketing investment.

  2. It is, as you say, such a basic issue – thinking about what your consumer/ customer really needs and delivering it. One thing I challenge my teams with is ask them not to leave their consumer eyes and mindset at the door when they enter the office. For some reason we think and expect companies to do what we want as a user/ consumer, but when we are in the office we think from a manufacturer and provider point of view……

    • Hi Gary,

      Your last sentence summed up the issue really well and your approach with your team is a good example to follow regardless of the company size.

      Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Susan — I agree that it’s important to simplify for your customers. I don’t think this is off the topic to suggest that when you are done with a client project that you should check back to see if all is working as it should. I have continued to give simple tips to a consultant for whom I helped set up and write his blog/website. i don’t charge because these are little tips — but they add up to a lot of time saved and enhancements to his site. I know he will recommend me to other people and it’s a reminder of my services.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      It is not off topic at all and I am sure the consultant appreciated your additional help. Did you ever consider adding this after sale service into your pricing?

  4. How cool take is. I had a similar problem not long ago and would have appreciated having something like to shortcut fixing my mini.

    Regarding doing something to stand out from a competitor, superior customer service also works. The sad thing is, it is still hard to find. In our need to reduce costs, we forget the cost to our customers and their perception of us. “Lean and Mean” really means lean to the company, mean to the customer.

    :), Susan

    • Hi Susan,

      You are so right about Lean and Mean and for some reason I still can’t understand customer service is not that difficult concept to grasp or do well. Yet that is where many fail.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Great ideas, these comparison provide me an idea to chose with the best among better things…

  6. As I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts, it is about creating a memorable user experience. In your case, Susan, now you will especially remember the service the company provided to you (we all have something to learn from this: Providing a better experience for the user means more loyalty and better chances of the user recommending us to their friends).

    Anyways, you summed it all up, Susan. Unique and memorable experience always wins hearts of the customers.

    • Hi Jeevan,

      Thanks for providing a link to your post. Your point about memorable is very true and often it is the case that the experiences we have after the sale that can mean so much.

  7. Agree with you completely Susan. Catch is there are “simply put” two types of people in this world; those who simplify and those who complicate. The latter have a tendency to make even a “small” issue “huge” by adding a million details that are not necessary. By doing so they are under the impression they appear more intellectual. Not sure if that kind of people are able to change. If they do they feel a loss of self esteem.

    • I think you make some really good points Catarina especially about the loss of self esteem. What they do not realise it does show lack of confidence and others know it.

  8. Such a simple thing but the impact is huge – saving 2 hours is good in anybody’s book.

    I am working with a client on a log in area for their members’ accounts. The supplier is amazed that we want to adjust the system so people with different types of accounts can access ALL their accounts form one log in – currently such members have to log in with completely different logins and passwords!

    • Hi Tash,

      It looks like the supplier has never thought of the situation from the customers point of view. It is pretty amazing that the supplier couldn’t understand the problem. What was interesting in my case is I had another question and I received an email with the instructions. Then at the bottom was “Please keep us posted so we can help you solve this as soon as possible.” Simple but said a whole lot as a customer. Hope the supplier listens to you.

      Thanks for sharing your example Tash

      • A great company to ask you to keep them informed, Susan! My web host does things like that – I love them and won’t be changing hosts because of the service received.