Keep Customers Buying With One Small Feature

To keep customers buying does not have to be complicated. keep customers buying

In fact it can be quite simple

In the search of business growth, it is tempting to add features to your products or services.

After all, if your competitors have them then you must too.

This type of thinking complicates the buying decisions for customers.

And it brings your products or services closer to your competitors, which lessens your competitive advantage.

Customers love simplicity especially if it is tied into added value.

Buying Decisions

With the many choices available today customers are seeking help with their buying decisions. After all who has time to go through all the possibilities searching for one that stand out from the crowd?

Focusing on one feature that differentiates your product or service and providing the emotional benefit helps with them chose your offering.

A local dry cleaner has used this concept well. With most dry cleaners you take your clothes in and place them on the bench. Then they go through each item while you wait.

This dry cleaner has taken the feature from hotels.  He provides a bag with a slip that you just tick the items and what you want done with your clothes. You bring in the bag and leave.

It saves both parties time and small cost of printing the slips is minimal. It is one small feature that separates this dry cleaner from his competitors.

It is an example of using simplicity to keep customers and grows his business.


It can seem daunting to reduce your features and a little scary. However if you know your market and your customers’ wants and desires it can be a case of simple differentiation.

The key to this is looking at it from a customer’s perspective and identifying what is an important one they want. It also means looking at your competitors and comparing the features and identifying one that based on your customer knowledge you can own.

Once you have done this then get rid of the other features or at least don’t use them in your communication.

Growing a business is tough enough and if your objective is to keep customers then you don’t need any complexities. Being and offering me too features only makes it tougher.

Identifying the key feature as your point of difference also helps with your content as another way of separating your business from the pack.

Over to you: Do you have one feature you highlight and its benefit that helps you stand out from your competitors?

photo credit: Kaptain Kobold via photopin cc

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18 Responses to Keep Customers Buying With One Small Feature

  1. one small feature can means core value of the company. even big companies need it but can’t have many.

  2. “It also means looking at your competitors and comparing the features and identifying one that based on your customer knowledge you can own.”

    I believe that this is cheating :))
    I know that using this method you can overthrone your competition and you may get ahead of them.

  3. Great point and good illustration. We all love the idea of lots of choice but it can be the thing that paralyzes us, as well. Focusing on one element to highlight to customers and clients can help to dim the noise and make us stand out.

    The key for us in business is determining, as you said, that one thing that differentiates. Sometimes we know right off what we want to highlight. Sometimes we have to test and test to see what resonates best with our target audience.

    • Hi Monica,

      Choice can paralyze and unfortunately the noise is getter louder. I like your point about testing as what we think may need some tweaking to resonate with customers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Hi Susan,
    Yep, trying to be everything to everyone is dangerous, and when you think about big brands, it’s something many of them don’t even attempt. Why should you? Keep it simple and clearly distinguish yourself. You won’t get every customer, but you’ll soon develop a following. And those customers will be so much easier to serve since they’ve chosen you for what you do best!

    • Hi Heather,

      That is so true of big brand as they know it doesn’t work. Your comments are so true and it is also a reminder to me to be a specialist to help distinguish yourself. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I am not sure if it is my short attention span, but too many offers is too much. Give me a clear, short, targeted directive and you have a better chance at getting my business.

    • Hi Becc and welcome to the blog. I can relate to the short attention span. I am with you on the clear, short and targeted directive as it is far less complicated for us when buying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. When I was reading your post It reminded me of a time when I was having a day camp overnight. The challenge was what to serve the kids in the morning. As a first grade teacher you learn that too many choices will cause the kids to not make a decision and hold up the line of the other hungry kids only to have the same thing happen over and over again. Moral of the story two options only: A – pancakes & bacon or B – Scramble eggs and bacon. Keep it simple and everyone is happy. (Hum this could be a good story post…LOL)

    The same lesson applies to business. Find out what your customers want, give them simple options and they will quickly make a decision and everyone is happy. When I think about it, this applies to just about everything in life, don’t you think

    • Hi Susan,

      That is a wonderful example and so true. It would make a great story for your blog and would be entertaining I bet 🙂

      I agree it applies to just about everything in life especially these days with too much choice and time issues.

  7. True Susan, a small feature can make a huge difference.

    Have lived years of my life in five star hotels and filled in those slips. Sometimes they really screw up. Here are some of the worst examples:

    *A hotel in Dubai shrunk a Valentino dress for me.

    *In London a dry cleaner got ink on my Escada trench coat. And they could not remove it.

    *In Kuwait a dry cleaner washed a pair of Moscino trousers in a washing machine, ruined buttons in one jacket from Donna Karan and one from Escada

    Obviously I feel strongly about what’s important when it comes to dry cleaners.

    The main thing is that they do an excellent job.

    After having a trench coat ruined in London I started using one of the most expensive dry cleaners in town. It’s definitely worth paying for excellence when it comes to dry cleaning. If I fill in a slip or not is secondary to me. They have to concentrate on their main task of doing what they are supposed to do exceptionally well.

    But apart from dry cleaners I agree with you about that one little thing that can make a huge difference:-)

    • I have had bad experiences as well but nothing that compares to yours Catarina. Agree about paying for excellence and I felt lost when my favourite dry cleaner retired. Had to search to find one who cared and didn’t ruin clothes. The dry cleaner I mentioned does care thankfully.