Identify Stress Drivers To Get New Customers

Customers make buying decisions every day. new customers buying decisions

Some are difficult because brands all seem the same.

Other buying decisions seem to bring them a sigh of relief.

One reason why has to do with the attributes of products or services. Customers have a list when they make buying decisions.

Some attributes that they rate as most important if you asked them.

However they may buy products or services that do not rate as highly on these attributes.

The reason is they look at other attributes and often they are related to stress or things going on in their lives.

For example convenience and time saving attributes may be key considerations and for open up ways to get new customers in a competitive market.

Understand your customers

As more customers are seeking brands that help simplify their lives having this as an attribute it provides your business with opportunities. You have to know your potential customers well and look past the usual demographics or areas related to the market.

The good news is much of this is common sense if you think of their lives in total and not only regarding your products or services. Think of what could be causing stress and how your products or services can help.

For example it appears that eating cereal at the breakfast table is declining. However people know that missing this meal is not good for their health. This also applies to parents with children. Currently two large manufacturers are launching a range of liquid breakfasts that can be consumed on the go.

Build in stress relief

If you can discover the stress drivers you can build the attributes that provide relief into your products or services.

For example if you target small business owners then you know they wear many hats, even if they have employees and often money is tight. That is why some businesses offer simple website designs based on templates at a reduced price as a base option. This helps the small business and the company gets new customers.

Simplicity has many advantages and can differentiate your products or services to help you get more customers.

Over to you: have you considered building in simplicity based attributes for your products or services? Have you bought brands that have these attributes?

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24 Responses to Identify Stress Drivers To Get New Customers

  1. You have great advice here! This is indeed informative for business people in marketing and dealing with customers, thank you for posting this, great share!

  2. Agree with you completely, Susan.

    One mistake that many companies make is that their web site is too complicated. They may have a great product or service on the market, but customers will opt out because it’s an effort to figure out what to do on their web site.

    GoDaddy’s web site is a good example of a complicated web site. But in their case I believe it’s deliberate in order to sell more to their clients. Would be interesting to know if they do?:-)

    • Catarina:

      I think that GoDaddy’s website is a case of trying to make lots of “upselling” through the ordering process. It was pretty easy to get a domain transferred, but it was so many details during the different steps. Check out Hover if you want to see a different type of domain register. Their slogan: “We simplify domain management.” I heard about them as a sponsor message on The Social Hour podcast.

      • Glad we agree about GoDaddy’s website, Martin.

        Now that I’m back in Sweden I use another provider that hosts my Swedish web site.

        Unlike Godaddy, they are helpful, friendly and really make an effort. Will most likely move my international blog from GoDaddy to them in the not too distant future. Not least since GoDaddy is down on and off:-)

        Första gången jag stött på en svensk bland mina internationella bloggkompisar:-) Kul! Sorry Susan, but Martin is Swedish.

  3. Susan: I want to talk more about this issue with you. Could we have a Skype / Google chat in the near future? I am getting stressed about figuring out my potential clients’ stress drivers… 😉

  4. The first thing everyone who has a website should to doing is understanding of customer needs. In my business there are so many variables of the products we sell, that making a website that is user friendly was my first priority. The second is that if you are having trouble of any kind, our customer service will be on hand. As they say time is of the essence.

    • Agree with you about customer needs Arleen as it drives everything. I bet your customers appreciate you taking the time to ensure your website and customer service are customer friendly.

  5. I’ve noticed that people will sometimes ask me to do what seems like a simple task because finding the solution on their own would be too stressful.

    I try my hardest to be available via communication, even if I can’t immediately solve the actual problem. People like feeling heard – that’s one way to reduce a customer’s stress.

    • Great point about people like being heard Leora as it is so true. As you Jeanette mentioned what can be a simple solution to us may be stressing out people who can figure it out, especially if it take up their own time.

  6. Hi Susan,
    Great post on the understanding of customer needs. If you really understand these on a gut level you should never go wrong. What else is there to say? Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar.

  7. I definitely follow your advice when dealing with technical issues on my blog. I’m pretty facile in the dashboard but when I get stuck I don’t spend hours trying to fix/learn something. I turn to my trusty webmaster. Worth every penny! My time is valuable, too.

    • I wonder how much time and money is lost by people trying to do things themselves Jeannette. Sounds like your webmaster provides a valuable service to your business.

  8. Yep, this has my name written all over it. If a product or service can save me time I will definitely put into my consideration list. Time as a commodity is one of my highest values and so anytime a business can offer me that, they have a very good chance of gaining me as a customer.

    • I am with you about the value of time Susan and saving it is probably one of the untapped benefits many businesses have not yet discovered. Thanks as always for your comment 🙂

  9. Exactly, the less you dear the more you get! Confidence and passion about what you do are the backbone for your traffic!