Save Yourself From Marketing Overwhelm Now

marketing strategy stagesDo you remember your first day of school?

You got excited to go to learn new things, meet new friends and enjoy yourself.

They made it easy and you got to play as well as learn in stages.

Now picture if you went to school and they told on the first day you all the things you would have to learn and do throughout your time at school.

Study, homework, exams, not talking when you want to in class.

Not so much fun and if they went overboard and mentioned detention you would get scared.

And be tempted to run home to mum.

Marketing Overwhelm

This feeling can also occur with the marketing of your products or services.

Everyday there is information about what you need to do to succeed.

The problem is it not always put into context.

There are stages of growing your business as there is with gaining an education. And stages of what you want to achieve with your customers.

These stages affect your product or services you offer, pricing, distribution, communication etc.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.  You just need to understand how they all fit together in the best way to get the results for the stage your business is in.

Overcome The Overwhelm

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the amount of choices and information, find out what you need to learn regarding the stage of your business.

You hear that all businesses should be blogging or using social media. While they do have benefits, not all businesses need do these tactics.

Take the example of my hairdresser. His strategy is very clear and shows in how he runs his business.

He doesn’t use marketing tactics such as blogging or social media. And the reason is the majority of his business are repeat customers. The remainder are from referrals.

Paul’s aim is to keep his customers buying his services and that is what he focuses on.

However if you are opening a new hairdressing business and you want customers your marketing strategy would be different. As would your tactics.

To make it easier find out what is the best marketing strategy for the stage your businesses is at.

Also if someone says this is a “must do” ask them why it is and how it is right for your business and customers. By doing this, you could save time, money and frustration.

Marketing is an essential part of running a business so take it in stages to get out of the overwhelm and achieve the results you desire.

Over to you. Do you set your marketing strategy according the stage your business is at?


9 Responses to Save Yourself From Marketing Overwhelm Now

  1. Susan, as a content marketer, I can tell you that my clients often walk in looking terribly overwhelmed by marketing hype. They become understandably worried when people keep telling them that their business will sink without a social media campaign, and a blog, and an email marketing list, and so on. But social media campaigns take time to grow and build a community, so they require serious thinking and commitment – never to be rushed into blindly!

    • Hi Inge,

      I am sure your clients are pleased when you tell them the reality and they become less worried. It is a shame there is so much hype as I think it leads many businesses to get paralysis and not do anything.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with your clients.

  2. .Thank you so much for this! I will surely read this and share this to my other friends.
    There are some really good ones out there.

  3. Love the expression Marketing overwhelm!!

    And the comparison you made with going to school is spot on:

    “Now picture if you went to school and they told on the first day you all the things you would have to learn and do throughout your time at school.”