Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

marketing strategy not rightIt could be because you do not have one.

Having a well defined and focused marketing strategy in place has many advantages.

And it isn’t just for the big companies it is also important even if you are running a solo business.

The biggest advantage of having a focused and well defined marketing strategy is it makes marketing your brand simple.

It acts as a guide for when you select your activities and tools so you can keep on track to get results that you desire.

And not meander off to explore and learn about a tactics that may not do anything for your business or customer relationships.

So here are a few reasons why your marketing strategy not be getting the results you desire.

It Is Mistaken For A Tactic

Unfortunately a marketing strategy is not email, content, advertising or Twitter. These are of course tactics and are important but they come after the strategy.

If you have a strategy in place you can answer a few questions to easily select the correct marketing tactics.

You can also see if the tactics will complement each other to achieve results.

It Is Not Developed From Insights

You work up a strategy without having an understanding of your customers, the market you compete in, your competitors or your point of difference.

In other words you guess the insights.

Having the insights means you have all the pieces necessary to develop your overall game plan and importantly where your key focus should be.

It Is Forgotten

Once developed it is never to be looked at again, even if market trends or changes occur with your business or customers.

A review on a regular basis means you can do a quick check that it is still right. And if it needs altering it is not a huge effort.

It Is Ignored

The new thing appears and everyone is writing and talking about it such as Pinterest. As you do not like to be left out you jump in without anytime thinking whether it will support your strategies.

By having on a piece of paper your objectives, strategies and tactics near you can help as a constant reminder so

It Has Never Been Selected

This is probably the worst one and means you can waste a lot of time or money.

You go straight to choosing marketing tactics without stopping at the marketing strategy selection stop first.

Spending a little time on your strategy gives you confidence that the tactics you actually implement will achieve results.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a marketing strategy in place?

6 Responses to Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

  1. Your business marketing strategy is the most important factor which determines the success or failure of your business. It doesn’t matter if you sell widgets from an office in your house, or run a multimillion dollar company. It is just that simple. Get it right and you flourish. Get it wrong and you go the way of many others who have failed before you. No matter what you do, the proper business marketing strategy essentials remain the same, only the application of them has to adapt to the needs of your particular business. Your business marketing strategy should affect every aspect of how you run your business. It is the heart and soul of a successful business.

  2. I can see people getting anxious to get involved as to not miss out on the hype as well as gain a presence where there is none. Ahh, and there in lies the lack of strategy and more of a reaction. A social media strategy defines why your going into that market with specific goals outlined, and the tactics to accomplish the goal. More effective and less reactive.

  3. Sure hope mine doesn’t stink, Susan:-)

    Funny, when I started reading I immediately thought of Pinterest. And then you mentioned it. For you and me to use Pinterest would be a mistake. It definitely wouldn’t support either of us. Actually it could give us a reputation if we were not careful:-)

    • I am sure yours doesn’t Catarina 🙂

      For our businesses I agree about Pinterest. I do think it is a great site for visual businesses which is really nice to see them catered for. What reputation would that be?