Get More Customers. Avoid The Marketing Wobbles


Easy to say.

Not always easy to do especially when you want more customers now for your business to grow.

This applies not only to business but with the arts as well.

In ballet, performing pirouettes or fouettes (very fancy turns), you have to have focus as you do them.

Otherwise, you get off balance and become dizzy. This is not a good look for the audience if you are stumbling around on stage.

In the video below in one of the famous scenes in Swan Lake the dancer Gillian Murphy shows how they are done extremely well.

Click here if you can’t see the video.

When dancers learn fouettes and pirouettes, they are told to focus on a spot. This is the last place their eyes leave as they turn and the first place their eyes go to as they return to the front.

Regarding  marketing if you have absolute focus on achieving one objective you are more likely to achieve it.

For example if you want more customers then it is less complex if you focus your decisions and activities on that one objective.

If you lose your focus and get distracted then you will get your business off balance.

The good news is that like in ballet it can be done.

Avoid Temptation

While it is tempting to try something new and if it doesn’t get results, tweak or throw it out is easy.

But it can waste your time or money.

As technology is moving rapidly, you need to consider whether the latest platform, plugin or measurement software will help achieve your objective any better.

If you have focus then you may be surprised how easily you can block out distractions.

Steps In Place

To do pirouettes and fouettes they are comprised on a number of arm and feet positions.

When they are done correctly and in the right sequence, it all comes together. Ballet dancers don’t add something halfway through the turns as they know they could fall over.

With marketing this means having a solid marketing strategy in place and tactics you action. If they are integrated and executed in the right way the objectives will be achieved,

Before you add anything else or change your strategy or tactics consider whether they could give your brand the wobbles. This is part of how you can use simplicity to grow your business, saving time and money.

As with ballet it takes practice and often having someone to guide you means achieving success earlier than if you did it alone. So never be hesitant to ask for help.

Over to you.

What tips can you share which keeps your brand’s balanced and focused?

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22 Responses to Get More Customers. Avoid The Marketing Wobbles

  1. Even I think that focus is very important and we should not be distracted. As we live in the information age, we get lot’s of information and this can cause information overload. It’s always good to use information and make one good strategy and then focus on it. 🙂 We should only change the strategy if we are not getting the results we need.

  2. Susan — excellent analogy. Analogies help to make a point so much better than a simple description. I happen to be a great ballet fan so you couldn’t have picked a better one! When I see the focus of ballet dancers it is a reminder of how hard it is to keep your eye on the spot. It takes work!

    • Hi Jeannette,

      I thought of you when I was searching for this video. Have you been to see the Australian Ballet yet? It does take work and time to perfect it especially when they know an audience is paying.

  3. Solid piece of advice here Susan. I love this analogy.

    I remember the days of information overload and they were no fun at all. Staying focused on the task at hand and continuing to do it until you get results is an area a lot of people have difficulty with. It’s a learning process I believe but one worthy of the lesson.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      It is a learning process and the information overload doesn’t help. I like the the way you say continuing to do it until you get results.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

  4. Thanks for sharing the strategies. It feels good to read blogs like your, which everyone can easily understood what they are reading, and the fact that we can get more important information for our own benefit.

  5. Great comparison Susan! When I worked in Vienna for three months in the late 80s I went to the opera and watched Nureyev cance in a performance celebrating his 50th birthday.

    As you know, he was famous for almost being more in the air than on stage. Imagine if he had lost focus. Would have, at least, resulted in bad injuries. Or the end of Nureyev.

    • Hi Catarina,

      I saw Nureyev and unfortunately it was towards the end of his life and he didn’t do a lot of dancing during the performance. However when he did you could see he still had that incredible talent. His leaps were amazing to see.

  6. Wonderful analogy Susan! Focusing to avoid distractions is definitely good advice. (Worthy of writing on a post-it note and sticking next to the one with your advice to “simplify”.)

    • Hi Sherryl,

      Glad you liked it and maybe we should do a post-it note list of key words for success with marketing. Do you use different coloured post-its?

      • That’s a good idea Susan. I actually do use post-it notes for keyword lists, to-do’s, reminders, etc. I do have different colored post-its but I reserve the bright colors when I really want to grab attention. I have not thought of using the different colored post-its to categorize/prioritze yet. (That could be over-kill. but I do confess to color coding the entries on my Outlook calendar.)

        • Wow that is something new I learnt about you Sherryl. Yes I think the different colours to prioritize may be a tad overkill 🙂 I tried to colour code my calendar but I kept forgetting what colours were for what entry.

  7. What an excellent example for explaining the art of balancing and how it is so very important when it comes to building a brand. Asking for help is always a good idea if one wants to achieve early success.

    • Hi Faissal,

      Welcome to the blog. Glad you like it and it took ages going through You tube to find. Asking for help is a great addition as in ballet and business it does lead to early success than going it alone.

  8. Fab analogy Susan…you always come up with the best ones 🙂

    I think a lot of wobbles are caused by jumping too quickly on opportunities that don’t fit the overall objectives of the business and goals for growth.

    Too much diversity dilutes your brand.

    • Thanks Jackie. I think analogies can make the point easier to understand. Or at least they do for me. You make a good point and agree with you and probably because they don’t have any objectives set to judge against in the first place don’t you think?