Are You Enjoying The Social Media Rides?

marketing social media rollercoasterIt seems not all business owners are.

An example is a recent article on Gini Dietrich’s blog Spinsucks: Managing Social Media Fatigue.

There are a number of helpful suggestions in the comments as well as a link to an article by Rusty Speidel which is a good read.

I have written a few articles about information overload and the feeling that all of it is becoming overwhelming.

Time management is becoming an even more important aspect of marketing today.  You need to spend your time where you will get results.

This is the same decision process you go through when you have a budget.

It Is Your Choice.

Choosing what is right for your business to grow and strengthen customer relationships has always been important. And in many ways it comes down to what is going to give you the maximum return on your time spent now and in the future.

There are numerous suggestions and some good ones in the social media fatigue article and here are a few others you might want to consider:

Don’t Get On Every Ride.

Just as you have a limited amount of time at a fun or theme park you can’t expect to hop on every ride especially in the larger parks as you only have a certain amount of time.

When considering social media think about what time you have and where it is better spent. To market your brand effectively you also need to spend time developing your products or services, work out more effective ways to grow your brand etc.

Don’t Get On Again

If you are not enjoying a ride sure you have to wait until it ends but nothing makes you go on the ride again.

With social media if it is not working out you are not obliged to return. As with the ride it is your choice to make the decision to return and have a presence.

Think Ahead

If you know you are likely to throw up after being on a roller coaster or one of the rides that spins you around then you have already saved time by not going near them.

When marketing your brand if you know that you will not have the time to put in the effort on a consistent basis for a particular platform then why start.

You read articles on why blogs are a must such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc are a must. In reality they aren’t as “must and small business” in the same sentence is a generalisation.

Social media is important and so are the other elements of marketing. You don’t have to feel the overwhelm or fatigue as you are in the driver’s seat and make the decisions.

What other tips can you share on this topic?


11 Responses to Are You Enjoying The Social Media Rides?

  1. I agree with you! You should set priority in social media marketing and not just going with the flow. Thanks for the info, Susan. It’s worth to read!

  2. Susan,

    If you are using social media for marketing purposes then it should be treated like all other marketing activities by having clear goals and objectives. If you do not know what you are trying to achieve you can spend a lot of wasted time on social media and end up thinking that it does not work. Know where your audience hangs out and focus on those places, it is different for everyone.


    • Hi Jenn,

      Totally agree that it can be different for everyone and it should be treated like any other activity. Unfortunately not all see it that way which can lead to overwhelm and not get the most from it.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    • Ha although some will undoubtedly still try to and wonder why they are not enjoying themselves after 18 hours online.

  3. That was really gold mine article. Got me thinking and evaluating my strategies for sometime. Of course with this unending web revolution I do think a proper strategy to come up with these unfortunate events is really necessary.

  4. Agree with you Susan. There simply isn’t enough time for all the social media networks. So we have to prioritize.

    Get invitations all the time to join all kinds of social media networks I have never even heard of.

    Have received two personal invitations to join Google +. Last week I decided to join for SEO reasons. Hate to admit that I haven’t found the time yet.

    • I don’t think you are alone Catarina as I have heard from a number of people who opened up accounts and haven’t done much else. Good luck with it.