Marketing Simplicity, Business Growth, Loyal Customers

What more could you desire? marketing simplicity rocks

This was to be the last article of last year.

However to be a little different I decided to start 2013 with examples of other businesses who use simplicity and enjoy growth.

And happy loyal customers.

I hope you can get ideas to get this year off to a great start.

Simplicity is key for marketing success

This article looks at questions you can ask about your business, products and services to see if you can use simplicity for the benefit of your customers

Turn your service into recipes to grow

Instead of selling only your time, develop DIY products for customers to buy. Simple for them and adds simple revenue for your business.

Smart marketing strategy, give complexity the flick

This article looks at ways you can simplify your marketing and processes to grow your business.

What do Paul’s hamburgers and Pinterest have in common?

Two different businesses that have embraced simplicity and specialization.

How to differentiate your brand simply

An example of a business that combined their passion and simplicity to enjoy business growth.

Simple idea, big market opportunity

From nearly going out of business, this company saw an opportunity, which embraced simplicity for their customers.

Simple is the new black

This article looks at how you can find a real difference that gives you the competitive edge.

Simplicity is worth $1 billion

The story of Instagram and the way they reduced the features of their product and were bought by FaceBook

Is marketing driving you nuts?

Questions to see if you need simplicity in your business?

Fun and simplicity grows a big business

The story of how the person behind Zumba grew from a tiny one man business to where it is today.

Over To You

Do you have any other examples we can learn from that shows simplicity leads to business growth? Feel free to add your own examples from your business and customers.





19 Responses to Marketing Simplicity, Business Growth, Loyal Customers

  1. Susan, you did a fantastic job putting this together. It is like a simple paint by the number directory of “how to be successful in 2013”. It is so helpful and I love “simple”.

  2. Complex ideas that few understand will always do much worse compared with simple things.
    People don’t have the time to figure complex things out and waste time jumping through hoops.
    I’m a web designer and I know very well the power of a well designed but simple website.

  3. Hi Susan,
    Great idea to do a roundup of helpful posts like this to start the year and thanks for sharing it on the BizSugar community! I especially like post number two. Translating expertise into DIY products is a great way to boost revenue and productivity.

    • Glad you like the posts Heather and I sometimes wonder why more businesses don’t have a DIY product especially as you said it does increase revenue and profit.

  4. There’s so much helpful information here! The theme of simplicity is a big one, and one that is very relevant these days. There are so many media clamouring for our attention and complicating our lives that anyone who offers to simplify anything is on the right track. I’m with you 100 percent. Thanks for pulling all these great articles together!

    • Thanks so much Krystyna for you comment and glad you agree. I was reading an article this morning that said simplicity is now a necessity for brands to embrace if they want customers to buy. Happy new year.

  5. Running a successful small business can be overwhelming for any ambitious entrepreneur. Especially when it comes to marketing. In fact, many small businesses tend to struggle when it comes to marketing their businesses. This article teaches and help you to desire what you want. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m with Cheryl, amazing job pulling this all together. It is a great directory of all the great advise you’ve given us. Happy New Year my friend. 🙂