Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes and it  is simple.  If within seven days of receiving the review and recommendations report you believe it is not worth the investment I will refund 100% of your money.

Is my payment made securely?

Yes all payments are through PayPal where you can pay via your credit card, bank or PayPal account.

Can I contact you as you are doing the analysis and recommendations?

Yes. After payment you will be taken to a page to download the questionnaire. This page also has my email address. I may email you for more information after I receive your answers.

Why are there different reviews?

They are different because the issues you face are not the same for the three objectives.

How you use simplicity to get new customers and keep customers buying have different approaches. Your relationship with these two groups of customers are not the same.

The reviews have questions relating specifically to what you what to achieve and this can’t be done with general questions or a general template.

Also, the business growth review is looking at opportunities that need a different analysis.

Do you help implement the recommendations?

No, however I do provide free email support for 30 days as you action the recommendations.

Are the questionnaires difficult to complete?

No as the majority of questions are multiple choice and you click the answer that best fits your situation. That said they are detailed and you encouraged to provide as much information as you can, as this will help with the analysis.

How detailed is the report?

It is comprehensive as it gives you the reason for the issues or opportunities that the review uncovers. It also provides you with a rationale for each recommendation to how to use simplicity instead of just telling you what should do.

Are the recommendations tailored for my business?

Yes there are no cookie cutter recommendations as your issues and opportunities are specific for your business to grow.