A Marketing Review Can Waste Your Time Or Money

As someone who does reviews this may seem a strange headline.

But when you think about it who wants to waste time or money.marketing review

It comes does to the type and way you do a marketing review.

This is similar to getting a medical check up.

If the doctor only tests your blood pressure and it is at the right levels you think you are fine.

However if your cholesterol is high and it is not checked then you then you may not be as healthy as you think.

If you are doing a marketing review or getting someone else to do it here are two tips to make sure you do not waste time or money.

All Marketing Elements

Some think when the word marketing is mentioned it only refers to marketing tactics. Sorry it is not true.

Don’t waste your time or money by looking only at activities or materials on their own, as they are only a part of the picture.

If you conduct a review, it needs to cover all areas. This includes your product or service features and benefits, the market you compete in, your marketing strategy, pricing etc.

The reviews I do cover over 20 elements that are important to your brand’s health. Each element tells a part of the story and it is only when you get the total story can you make the right decisions.

Quick and dirty may seem like a short cut but it complicates developing the best marketing strategies for business growth.

Specific Marketing Reviews

Taking the medical check up example, if you ask for a check up to see how your general health is your doctor will check certain areas.

If you ask for a check up because you want to run a marathon in the near future, the doctor will look at more health areas.

This is the same with a marketing review. To get the best information to make decisions do the review against specific marketing objectives.

Keep the review simple and specific, as it will help you see what needs changing, eliminating or simplifying to achieve the objective.

A marketing review is an important part of running a business so don’t waste or time or money by skimping on it.

Over To You

These are only two tips so please share yours to get the most benefit out of a marketing review. 

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18 Responses to A Marketing Review Can Waste Your Time Or Money

  1. It is always best to be thorough and ensure you get what you are after. I like the marathon analogy – you get different things for different requirement/goals.

  2. So true, Susan. It is important to be thorough, a simple step toward making a review more useful. A review that doesn’t…well, review isn’t much help to anyone.

  3. Spot on Susan!! And good analogy, especially that you need to tell the doctor to do a thorough check-up if not he will just check a few things:-)

  4. This was a great article for me. It gave me a lot to think about in terms of what I need to consider as I develop my marketing plan for next year.

    Thanks so much

  5. In their endeavor to cut costs business entities are sometimes unwilling to walk that extra mile and look at issues holistically. More often than not, a quick fix solution – generated when the ecosystem is not examined in a holistic manner, gives solutions, which momentarily seem effective, but in turn create their own problems.

  6. I love the analogy. Many times we bring everything and the kitchen sunk in for review. That makes it hard to get a quality check up/review. Narrowing it all down to our real core intent helps both the reviewer and the wanting the review. 🙂