Simple Marketing Solutions To End Frustration

It is all too hard this marketing stuff. marketing plan

If you have ever felt this way you are not alone.

You might throw your hands up and not do anything at all.

Or you might try something else hoping this time you will get results.

It really doesn’t have to be this way.  And that it is because it usually comes back to doing the basics well to get results.

Yes there is some work involved but it isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Develop a marketing plan that is simple and focused

There really isn’t any way to get around it, unless you enjoy the wild ride called seat of your pants marketing.

It doesn’t have to be a tomb. But it does involve having a detailed customer profile of your current customers for example so you know how they think, feel and behave.

Developing a plan makes you think and it forces you to make decisions. It is exactly the same thing you do in your personal life if you were planning an important holiday or project such as a home renovation.

Above all it gives you clarity and saves time.

Stick to the marketing plan

Now this doesn’t mean you don’t have to make adjustments because you do. After all nothing is perfect and sometimes conditions happen and you have to tweak what you are doing.

Or a real opportunity arises that you should consider.

However any adjustments are usually based on sound reasons and not the latest whim or tool that you hear about. Otherwise all your hard work to date would count for nothing.

Many times the frustration of not getting results can be simply avoided by getting the basics in place. Whether it is marketing or home renovations it means having a plan in place that makes sense for you.

Do you have a marketing plan in place?



15 Responses to Simple Marketing Solutions To End Frustration

  1. Yes, I am really agree with your thoughts. Your blog is quite impressive, It exhibits how very well you realize this subject. Keep doing the great job. I will tweet this to my twitter account. This will help a lot of users.

  2. Great! As the features are extremely focused for effective marketing. For today’s business era, Marketing is one of must feature for the development of the business. The existing features are really looking promising to end frustration in business marketing.

  3. Agree with you Susan.

    Whatever we are trying to achieve in life we need a plan. Just improvising could be fatal.

    And as you and Jeannette agreed it should focus on sales and the need to act on it:-)

    • Hi Catarina,

      You could be right about improvising and at the basic level it just makes running a business more difficult. Agree with you about taking action.

  4. Hi Susan, you are definitely correct on your idea. We should make a marketing plan in order to be organized and to know more about our target market. We should conduct some surveys that can give as positive result.

  5. H there Susan you really make my world complete this marketing plan is very nice. Thanks for sharing me this knowledge.

  6. Hi Susan.. Marketing is actually very important in business especially even in blogging.. Thanks for your help here and I know I should share it too..

  7. Hi Susan — preparing a marketing plan seems so daunting that most people don’t do it. A one-pager can work well. What are you selling? What is your niche? Who are your customers? What is your daily marketing plan? The latter could be as simple as how many people will you contact every day. No marketing plan will work if you don’t act on it.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      It does seem daunting at first. If people do a one pager and I agree about a summary don’t you think the objective needs to be tied back to a business objective which is sales? You are absolutely right about needing to act on it otherwise it is a wasted effort.

  8. lol…Just streamlining Susan…trying to hit my commenting stride a couple of times a week 🙂

    Online only businesses, or first forray into business being online…(most) think the magical mythical interwebs will take care of their marketing for them. Clearly many have no strategy and/or confuse marketing with selling etc.

    People moving from offline to online presence whether additional or as a complete shift in operations, tend to understand the marketing strategy better and are much better prepared and savvy.

    At least that’s what I’ve observed on my travels.

    • Got to love those Jackie, work 1 hour a day, chat with others, become famous and make a million bucks. Thanks for sharing your observations and it makes sense.

  9. I agree Susan. Running ahead with your marketing without a plan is very unlikely to get you the results that you want.

    Do you find that people view their need for a marketing plan differently in the online environment as opposed to offline?

    • Double honour for me to have you comment twice today Jackie 🙂 Interesting question and from observation online or offline the savvy ones know it is important and the others well..they live in hope. Handball question back to you have you seen a difference?