Make It Count To Enjoy Customer Retention

customer retentionAs time is precious for you and your customers, every moment counts.

There are no short cuts to achieving your objectives. However it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it appears.

In many ways developing your marketing strategy is similar to becoming healthier and building your wealth.

It depends on your situation and what results you want to achieve.

To follow a diet and fitness program to lose weight for medical reasons when you just want to maintain your weight and fitness doesn’t make sense.

Regarding money, you would certainly have different strategies when you are saving for a home versus when you are retired.

The same principles apply to the marketing for your brand.

It depends on what you want to achieve at any given time. This is how to use simplicity to benefit your business.

For example you want to keep your customers buying from you.  Your marketing strategies and tactics would be focused on achieving this one objective.

You would not be putting your time or money into gaining awareness from potential customers at the expensive of a solid customer care program. That would only complicate your marketing and reduce the results you want to achieve.

This tailoring covers all elements of your marketing including the marketing strategies you select and the way the tactics are implemented.

Keep it simple and identify what you need to achieve for successful customer retention. It can save you a lot of time, energy and money.

And, the best thing is you can track the results.  If they are successful repeat when you want to. If the results are not great then tweak the activities.

The quickest way to getting the right results for customer retention starts with the end in mind.  And making sure all elements of your marketing are in the right mix.

As in life success with your marketing, a little thinking and tailoring can make growing your business less complex.

And it saves you having those what if moments. if you look at ways to use simplicity you will find that customers will keep buying and your business will grow.

Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you change your strategies and tactics depending on what you want to achieve?

See how I can help your business use simplicity to increase customer retention.


8 Responses to Make It Count To Enjoy Customer Retention

  1. Anyone with the name of Susan has got to a great person…don’t you think? LOL.

    When marketing a brand of any kind or working towards goal, keeping simple is key. You are correct when you say that by keeping it simple it makes it easier to manage and to track. I have three goals with my blog. Write engaging content, build readership and traffic and find simple and affective ways to have it generate and income. In that order. The tactics and strategies, as you said, will depend on two things, what it is I am working towards and what the results are telling me.

    Sorry you asked? 🙂

    • Absolutely agree Susan!!

      You certainly write engaging content and your illustrations add that extra touch to your stories as well. One question for you is why is generating income last?

      I am really pleased I asked and you took the time to share your thoughts as they are always welcomed.

      • Good question. The reason it’s last is I need to have traffic to grow the income and attract sponsors. The only way to do that is to put my marketing background to work to promote my blog and then hopefully attract and get business. It’s funny, I had a very long discussion with my web developer about that very subject and how best to go about reaching my goals. The conclusion was to stay the course and keep it simple and exercise patience. The fact is I have only been at this, truly, since February. 🙂

        • I didn’t know you had a marketing background. Another thing we have in common 🙂

          I understand now as you want sponsors and for that you do need traffic. For some reason when you mentioned income I thought of products. For someone only doing since February you are well on your way.

  2. Can’t resist making a silly comment about promting baby food to pensioners and fur coats in the Gulf.

    Having said that however, there is a small market both for the baby food to pensioners with grandchildren and fur coats in the Gulf since it can be freezing in the Gulf around December to February.

    Personally would opt for the latter option of promoting fur coats to wealthy clients in the Gulf. Much more profitable and easy to make them happy:-)Not least since they come to Europe a lot.

  3. Evaluating your marketing strategy is important to keep a yardstick on progress, it also highlights where you may need to change direction to meet market needs and new opportunities.

    Having said that, its important to recognize what may just be fads or tactics as opposed to real opportunities…its a fine line sometimes.