Throw Out Your Marketing Objectives Laundry List

marketing objective listIf you want to achieve real results.

Whilst what I am writing here is not cutting edge or even vaguely new.

it is still one of the most common marketing problems stopping businesses growing.

And it complicates marketing for you and your business.

If you have a vague list of objectives you want to reach it is just as bad as not having any.

Having a laser focus on what you need to achieve makes the whole process is easier.

The reason why is because you have a term of reference that helps with the actions and decisions you take along the way. It also can open up opportunities or ideas that can assist in getting the desired results.

Simplify The Choices

It is better to focus on one marketing objective to start with than to make a laundry list of them.

The simple reason for this is you can work it through to the end and be very clear what you need to do and test along the way.

This is not to say you can’t add another marketing objective, but working out the main one and putting numbers against it is a good first step before you look at the next one.

Look At Sources

Usually once you choose your marketing objective you then selecting your marketing strategy and tactics.

Another way for example is to a little brainstorming or mind mapping.

For example say your key objective is to attract more customers (of course you would put the actual number and dollar value against the objective).

Brainstorm where the new customers can come from, such as referrals from existing customers, an offer or sales page on your website or referrals from business partners.

During this process it can become obvious where you need to focus your attention depending on your time or budget. It can also let you see what is perhaps easier to accomplish in the timeframe.

Make A Decision

After you make you list then it is up to you to prioritise the sources and make a decision. Once you have it is not that difficult to work out the activities you need to take.

For example say you decided that your best source to start with is getting referrals from existing customers. You would then need to decide how many you need to contact and who are the best ones to contact. You would also need to work out how you are going to contact them, when you are going to contact them etc.

By stepping out the simple actions to take can provide clarity and not that overwhelming feeling of it is all too difficult.

Don’t forget to put times to do each action step as it helps you progress through each one to achieve the objective.

Even if you don’t regularly choose objectives to reach why not try this approach and see what you achieve.

Over to you now. Do you have a way of getting clarity and achieving results more effectively that we can learn from?



23 Responses to Throw Out Your Marketing Objectives Laundry List

  1. Thank you, you would definitely do me a great favour. I have been wondering about this for months now.

  2. I have always been baffled by how to make that choice – who to focus on. Is it just a matter of pick what you like?

      • I mean which customers. I make lightfooted digital art about women. My real life buyers are mainly women, often my age (50 +). But younger women like my art too, and men as well. My aim is to sell more online. So who should I choose as my target customer? Is it a matter of just picking a group I can relate to most easily – women my age?

        • Hi Kitty,

          Your art looks great. Your potential customers are the ones that are looking to buy this type of art, not necessarily the ones you relate to. Don’t worry too much about age. With the ones who have bought work up a profile of them. This means seeing what they have in common, such as the reasons they buy your art, whether they buy it for themselves or someone else, if they are into crafts etc. Once you get the profile then these will be the ones you target. The key is to focus on these people versus everyone as it then helps you produce content on your website talking with them in the language and style they can relate to.

          Hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to email me.

          • Thank you so much for taking out the time to go to my blog, Susan! But oh, what you say seems undoable! The only thing my customers have in common is that they are all highly educated. Some buy my work as gifts, some buy it for themselves. I feel my target market is so wide, that I don’t know where to begin. I guess they like my blog but there is no great urgency to come back. As an artist, you do not solve a problem… It is a mystery to me how I can get anyone hooked on my content, and which content it should be. IfyouseewhatImean 😉

  3. Hi Susan, In approaching any type of project, whether marketing or not, I have found project management skills useful. I highly recommend project management courses to any business owner. – Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      Project management skills certainly can help when you actually implement the activity I agree. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Susan – I like the “chip away” process. Marketing your business may seem so daunting that you don’t do anything at all. But as you suggest, if you have focused on one priority and the steps to achieve it, you can then “chip away,” one step at a time. It doesn’t seem so daunting then. Sherryl, I like your spreadsheet idea.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      Sherryl’s idea is good isn’t it. Anything to make life easier is worth looking at I think and the chip away approach was one thing I learnt many years luckily.

  5. Totally agree with you that it’s best to concentrate on one objective and follow through with it.

    If you work on too many objectives at the same time it’s more difficult to achieve excellence in all of them.

    Once objective one is fullfilled move on to another one.

    • Hi Catarina,

      Not sure why commentLuv isn’t working for you. Glad you agree and good point about achieving excellence.

  6. Hi Susan. Laser focus = video for me 🙂 Throw out dirty laundry or perhaps clean it? How’s that for an analogy? LOL Examine the clothing, take the stains out, and if washing it doesn’t get it clean, then throw it out! Meaning, if it isn’t taking you closer to your goal – throw it out!

  7. Susan,
    Thanks for another on-target article. Your statement “Having a laser focus on what you need to achieve makes the whole process easier.” really resonates with me. It’s only by knowing what we need to achieve that we can measure our results and then make an informed decision whether we should continue with a particular strategy or not.

    As for clarity, I’m sure many business people do this but I find it helpful to keep a spreadsheet where I track specific strategies. I note what it was that I’ve done (including the URL if needed) and the date. If I see a sudden spike in website traffic, it’s often helpful to see what I did around that date. It can provide insight that I may not have had otherwise.

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I actually don’t think most business keep a record of what they have done or track the results unfortunately. Your system sounds good and pretty simple to implement so thanks for sharing it.

  8. “It is better to focus on one objective to start with than to make a laundry list of them”

    Totally agree Susan.

    Have a list by all means, but choose one then put the list away so that it doesn’t distract you from the task at hand.

    As for getting clarity, I’ve found contrast is the quickest way of getting at what is is you do want.

    Most people generally know what they don’t want…well whats the opposite of that. It becomes the starting point for refinement and getting to the real crux of where you want to be heading.

    • Hi Jackie,

      You always add a great tip so thank you for this one about contrast. Without revealing State Secrets do you follow a certain process with your customers on this?

      • People are very good and stipulating what they don’t want and they do it with conviction. Ive found that by constantly identifying what they don’t want, it brings us closer to what they do want.

        There are other things of course that come into play, like identifying their core values and beliefs, what their decision strategies are, and sometimes it’s just that their not aligned with where there priorties lie.

        It really is an individual process and can be time consuming, but ultimately very rewarding.

        • Thanks for sharing this Jackie. The process would help to get clarity and I am sure your clients appreciate it.