Marketing Lessons From Kids and Grandmas

marketing There is so much talk about marketing, what works or what you should do that it can get a little overwhelming.

There is a lot of information around and you can do the trial and test method.

The only thing is it can suck up your time and money especially when you are not clear on what you want to achieve.

The good news is that there are simple marketing lessons for you within your own families, friends and from those around you.

Their experiences can teach us a lot about marketing.

Let us look at a couple:


They are curious and as they grow they what to find out about many things. They explore and want answers. The best part is that they learn by asking questions when they want to know something, even if their timing can be a little off.

When marketing your products and services, keep being curious especially when it comes to finding out about your customers. Never assume you know everything about them as their attitudes and behaviours can change and you may not even be aware of it.

Kids also have short attention spans and find more fun and amusement with the simple pots, pans and wooden spoon versus the latest toy.

Keeping your marketing simple and not complicating it helps you communicate a very clear single minded communication message.


Our neighbour Margaret is 92 and over the last few years has suffered a stroke, broken arm had two knee replacements and recently fell in the night and spent at least five hours on the floor of her bedroom.

Throughout all of this including the last one she bounced back and it is her determination and resilience that keeps her going, although she now acknowledges she needs support.  She laughs, loves a chat and is up for the next challenge of keeping mobile and active. She knows what she wants to achieve.

This is nothing new to you in small business; however Margaret has had to learn to adapt, review all aspects of your home and life and not do the same things that lead to problems recurring.

In marketing you need to adapt to make sure your customer relationships strengthen.

This means looking at all aspects such as the product or service you sell, pricing, your communication and marketing tactics. To do this you need to understand what issues you are facing, what needs improving or changing and work through the solutions to reach your goals.

There are marketing lessons all around us so why don’t you add to the list by adding a comment of some of the lessons you have learnt from your family and friends.


16 Responses to Marketing Lessons From Kids and Grandmas

  1. Hi Susan,

    How did I miss this post? I was so glad to see it in the BizSugar “Weekly Best” list.

    I, too, love your analogy. As a content marketer, it’s got me thinking. Grandparents are particularly good at knowing what their grandchildren want and providing it to them. As marketers and small business owners, it’s what we all need to be doing better. Maybe that’s why the two groups are so crazy about each other!

    Nice post. Glad I caught up.

    • Hi Sarah,

      That is very true what you say about Grandparents. They also are the ones we turn to when wisdom is needed as they have experienced it all before usually. Perhaps that is why in small business we often see what others have done successfully decades ago.

      Thanks for your comments Sarah

  2. Such great observations! I think you are right – we definitely could learn a lot from these particular groups. The other day the news was saying there was going to be a big ranstorm – possibly a tornado. So my adult mind immediately goes to staying in, or if we had to go out take an umbrella, raincoats, etc. My four year old responds with “How fun – I want to play in the rain and jump in the big puddles”. I thought it was amazing how a child’s mind works and thought I would love to be that playful again. 🙂

    • Hi Stacey,

      Loved the response from your 4 year old and it is a great example of how they see things differently. Looking through their eyes I think can open up opportunities that we may not have considered.

  3. Agree with you Susan. I think many times marketing has got so complicated people get stuck in analyzing what they should and shouldn’t do they forget about the basics.

    Curiosity is key. If you don’t constantly develop and learn you will miss out. How many businesses are for instance using social media in their marketing plan? Most heads of marketing told a university student who made a poll that “we don’t do that”.

    • Hi Catarina,

      You are right about the basics. If we get those right marketing is a lot easier and gets better results. I have been wondering why many businesses do not include social media and one thought is that perhaps they are do not like everyone telling them they should. The more they hear this the more they are ignoring the potential benefits and being stubborn. What do you think?

  4. Great analogies. When I think about what a child might ask about my business, product and marketing, I realize I need to ask many more questions. It will be fun looking at the marketing through the eyes of a child

    • Hi Julia,

      Thanks for your comment and children do have a way of asking questions. Let us know if you get different or better answers when you look at marketing through their eyes. I like the way they keep asking “why” at least until they have asked it 10 times.

  5. Overwhelming. That pretty well describes it. It’s particularly difficult when you are the sole force beind every single facet of your work. Trying to keep up with actual work, as well as market and build leads, and on top of that, keep up with everything as it changes can be downright exhausting.

    Perhaps the hardest lesson I have learned, and still hate, is that there is going to be sacrifice and change. I have lost a great deal of one on one time with my spouse, the the 12 year old can be pretty disappointed when I can’t make time to kill a few bad guys with her on the playstation.

    I keep telling myself that the end goals will make it all worthwhile, but getting there is a bear.

    • Hi Paul,

      Exhausting is very descriptive of what is the reality when you are the only one doing everything and it is tough on families. The end goals will be worth it and one thing I do is be very selective about what I do. It helps keep the focus and not get distracted with the latest to do to succeed as it changes month to month anyway.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Very thoughtful advice — keep it simple and know your audience. Yet, too often marketers sell from the inside out, promoting the product features that are important to them and not their customers.

    • Hi Jeannette,

      I have always loved the keep it simple method. I think it it easy to get caught up with selling from the inside especially if it is your own business. I have also seen marketers do it with brands. I agree with you about knowing your audience and have always found it fascinating learning new things about them.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. Susan,

    This is a great post. I work a great deal with Generation Y, and I am finding that many marketers are so stuck in their own thinking…they don’t stop to consider shifts in beliefs, values and norms for the “rising buyer”. So, I greatly appreciate your bringing this to the attention of the public.

    • Thanks Bea. You are right and it could be because they are afraid of the unknown (this can apply to any marketer or business owner) or they do know how to to go about finding the information. It is easy to forget custmers are people and they change.

      Thanks for your comments.

  8. Susan,

    LOVELY and touching post. You certainly touched on something wonderful here in that there are so many lessons to learn from the freshness and innocence of children and from the wisdom and knowledge that comes from aging. Remarkable article.

    P.S., I’m glad I decided to pay a visit to your site, because I didn’t see this on BizSugar today?

    Thanks for a great read!


    • Thanks for your comments Yoni. You summed up the essence of the article so well.

      I had trouble with my computer yesterday, so couldn’t get onto BizSugar and will be posting today.