Marketing Blitz For Extra Sales

maketing ideas extra salesHave you ever had a messy office or garden and decide that you can’t stand it anymore?

If you have, you most likely quickly decided what to do, worked up a plan of action and got stuck in to fixing it up.

As you worked you may have visualised what the end result will look like and your focus was intense.

Once you started you probably didn’t get side tracked or jumped to another activity during the process.

After you finished you got that feeling of accomplishment and may have been surprised how easy it was to get the result.

Well, this type of activity can also be done with the marketing of your brand and it can produce pretty good results.

So if you feel your business could do with a blitz to get extra sales here are a few tips:

Blitz Date

First up set a time to achieve the result. To make sure you stay focused it might be a good idea to go for 30 days or even 14 days if you haven’t done it before.

You can always break this down to weekly targets if that helps you stay on track.

Blitz Result

Before you jump in you need to be clear on what you want to achieve that will make a difference to your business in the time you have set.

Just select one result otherwise it can be too difficult to.

The result should be expressed in revenue as this is real and something you can actually see at the end.

Blitz Activities And Tools

Select only those that are designed to get the result in that time period.

There is no limit to what you select but like most things the more you include can only make it more difficult. You should also make sure that what you have selected combines well as this will help you get the result.

All other activities and tools should be put away during this blitz so you can keep focused.

Clear The Decks

This is the time to get into action and take it one step at a time. You might also want to inform your colleagues what you are doing as they may be able to help you.


You will have to wait for the results come in but make sure you have something to look forward to aside from the extra revenue.

Good luck


11 Responses to Marketing Blitz For Extra Sales

  1. What a wonderful analogy Susan! I can definitely relate to cleaning up my office. (The overwhelming amounts of paperwork especially.) Thanks for a motivating post. The project that you and I spoke about recently immediately pops into my mind. (I haven’t started it yet. 🙁 )

    • Thanks Sherryl,

      Isn’t it funny that no matter how much technology we use there is always paperwork around.

      You have probably been busy as usual and I am here to help you with it any time.

      • I remember years ago all the talk about the
        “paperless office”. That certainly never came to fruition.

        Thanks for the reminder that you’re there for me if you need me. The same always goes here.

  2. That’s a good idea Susan. I know I have pushed (nicely of course!) clients to focus on a campaign in the past but never done a marketing blitz for my own business 🙂

    I think your suggestion of having just one goal and minimal tools to reach it is very sound advice – it is always tempting to add more in theory of getting more or saving time, but a scattered approach is never as effective!

    • Hi Tash,

      It is common to forget about some of the advice we give clients that can apply to ourselves.

      Keep it lean and mean works with this type of activity and all the best if you do one for your business.

      Thanks as always for your comment.

  3. I think its the change in seasons, but I’ve been having a blitz in several areas of life lately.

    Creating space and keeping it lean

    Thanks Susan