Substitution Makes A Difference For New Customers

Did you know new customers’ lives can affect their buying behaviour?

new customers substitution

You may not be aware of it but it can affect the sales of your products or services.

If they have a lot going on in their personal lives then adding complexity to their buying decisions adds stress.

And this is not what they want.

Would you?

Today customers are looking for products or services that reduce their stress, especially during the buying decision process.

Basically they want simplicity in their lives and from businesses. And they reward businesses that use simplicity when attracting them.

Use Substitution

To get new customers you can build substitution into your marketing that can be an advantage for your business. Substitution means using this instead of something else that can save them time or money. This is attractive to customers as it removes complexity by using the simplicity approach.

For example Dyson vacuums were the first product that didn’t have bags. It meant consumers didn’t have to work out when the bags were full or go to the shop to buy additional bags.

It is also good if you have to vacuum up a spider as you can see if you caught it properly and not stuck in the tube.

Another example is Headway Themes. It has built into its theme a click and drag feature. This means when you are designing a website all the options are available in visual editor. It has substituted the need to know coding to change colours, columns, layouts, fonts etc.

When there is direct substitution to reduce customer anxiety then this is an example of marketing simplicity.

Using substitution approach can be effective especially if you compete in a crowded market and want new customers.


  • Reduces price comparison
  • Taps into customer need to save time or money
  • Distances your products or services from your competitors
  • Helps simplify the buying decisions for customers
  • Lets you get creative with your products or services
  • Differentiates your products or services

What do you think? Have you ever considered using substitution for a marketing advantage?

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10 Responses to Substitution Makes A Difference For New Customers

  1. I can certainly relate to customers finding the status quo too complex and time-consuming. But finding the right substitution isn’t always apparent. It’s a good way to approach the problem, however. Good analogies!

    • Hi Leora,

      It isn’t always apparent. I saw a recent ad by Dyson and basically their concept was solving problems others ignore. This advertisement was about a vacuum’s wheels and how it solves the problem of the hand vacs that tip over going around corners. Simple idea.

  2. You would think this would be commonsense but it isn’t. We get stuck in our day to day activities and don’t take the time to look at other possibilities. Whenever you can find a way to do this (substitute) the customers will love and we as a business person will benefit in all the ways you mentioned. The challenge is to identify where one can offer that as an option for you and your customer. Taking the time to find that opportunity is so worth the effort.

    • Hi Susan,

      It is funny no matter whether we work for ourselves or companies the day to day activities always seem to take over. I find if you spend 30 minutes a week to research or exploring it is amazing what can be achieved 🙂

  3. Interesting, Susan.

    The concept can even be applied to service providers such as writers (like me!) who may get asked for a specific type of writing project/[product but may have to be adaptable in order to save the sale. I think the key is all about being flexible and listening to the needs of your (potential) client.

    • Hi Doreen,

      I agree that it can definitely be applied to service providers. As well as being flexible and listening, observation of the market can highlight so many opportunities as I think was the case with Dyson.
      Thanks for your comments.