Get New Customers Simply By Observing

get new customers by observingTo get new customers today can be tough as it is a competitive world you operate in.

Customers have a wider selection to choose from than they did a few years ago.

There is also loads of information on the internet for people to do things for themselves and need to buy products or services.

Putting all this aside there are still many opportunities around that your competitors completely miss.

The Beauty of Observing

By observing market trends and customers potential opportunities arise. They may seem small in the beginning, however if you use a little logic they can open up possibilities for your business and get new customers for your business.

An example of this is the gym market.

In Australia and probably around the works you have the gym chains, some catering to certain segments such as women.

On the other end you have boutique gyms and where I live there are many of these.

Both types offer pretty similar options just on different scales. One of the similarities is the opening hours.

Most of the usual gyms open up at 6am and close around 9pm during the week and they have even shorter opening hours on the weekend.

However our workdays have changed. The 9 to 5 went quite a while ago. People work shifts, from home and in different locations.

They want to be able to exercise in a gym when it suits them, not the business.

24 Hour Gyms

These types of gyms embrace the simplicity approach and have benefits or the business and potential new customers.

They have been around for a while and not that long ago a couple opened up near where I live.

Someone and I don’t know who first introduced these observed market trends, researched and saw an opportunity in what is a very crowded market.

These gyms have taken themselves out of competition with established business and are fulfilling a need others ignored.

It is simple example of a very smart and simple marketing strategy.

Your Market

Most opportunities do not show up with a large banner staring you in the face.

That would be too easy. Instead if you know all current aspects of you market then you can start to see what market trends might provide an opportunity.

Observe, talk to others, bounce ideas with someone else and asking what if may just provide a way to not only differentiate your business but also grow it profitably.

The opportunities are often very simple and just make sense.

Do you observe market trends?

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16 Responses to Get New Customers Simply By Observing

  1. It is a very good example of market observation. I m making a course in MONTERRI UNIVERSITY (mexico) and this article is an example os this; observing the market. I want to do the same with instalations of security cameras, the mental proces is the same allways, adapting to diferent market fields, the important is the process and how you get use to use this process to find out opportunity. There is a litle lake, so i want to improve a business in that niche.

  2. I was reading the comments and most of my thoughts were already touched upon, so I don’t want to repeat everything. I found your example of the 24 hour gym pertinent. I just noticed you saying we don’t need people doing things for us anymore, but it is only true in the beginning of a business. When responsibilities and tasks start piling up, you don’t have time for learning to do everything on your own, so hiring a few helping hands is necessary. I chose to hire people online, overseas, because it is more convenient. The only downside is that you have no idea who you are working with and it can be risky. I solved this with this free employee monitoring software that I recommend to everyone who wants to outsource, as it creates a transparent work-environment where you can feel safe as an employer because you see everything your employees do during work-hours.
    Well, this concludes my contribution to your nice article. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
    Best wishes, Leonard

    • Hi Leonard,

      I actually didn’t say we don’t need people doing things for us as it wouldn’t make sense. As you said we need others especially as we grow which is true. Is this your software?

    • Hi Niall,

      It is so true and in many ways so much simpler for the business owner and the customers.

      Thanks for stopping by and just wanted to say you are doing a great job as Community Manager of BizSugar.

  3. Great article! I haven’t observed any markets yet, but after reading your text, I really would like! This process seems to be very interesting and it could increase my online business success as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Susan — excellent points. An example of catering to consumer needs is the world-class Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City. They are closed on Mondays. But in the U.S. many of our holidays have been moved to Monday to allow for a 3-day weekend when many visitors come to NY. The Met saw the light and a couple of years ago started staying open on holiday Mondays. Seems so simple a solution — now they get hordes of visitors on Mondays that are holidays. Makes you wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

  5. Hi Sherryl,

    We have a couple of gyms that cater to women and one is part of a large Australian franchise although they have the same open times as the other gyms. I guess the example and what you wrote shows the problem of offering services or products in a way that suits you rather than thinking of customers.

  6. Using gyms as your example was a great idea Susan. Where I live, it’s so obvious to see that the successful gyms are competing solely on price but I believe there is a need for gyms that cater specifically to women. That is an unfulfilled need in our area. The only women’s gym that was less than 20 minutes from here closed. They closed for one of the reasons that you mentioned. They were only open in the morning and early evenings. Plus they closed Saturdays at noon and were closed on Sundays. Your post is a great reminder. Thanks!

  7. It takes a high level of critical thinking to first observe trends and then apply them creatively to business. Yet, those who do reap many rewards. What a great value you offer to businesses Susan.

    • Hi Catherine,

      Your 2 points are so right, critical thinking and creativity. Not always easy to do but both essential. I am sure you apply these aspects of your business to help clients as well. Also thank you and appreciate your comment.