Has LinkedIn Deleted Answers To Grow Their Business?

You can’t please everyone. linkedin

Whenever a company removes features, products or services there are always some who will not be pleased.

When the announcement that LinkedIn has removed events and will remove Answers there were a number of articles written about the decision.

Howver there is a simple lesson that small business owners can learn from.

They had a business reason for the decisions.

In their email they wrote that they evaluated how their current products and features were being used.

This was probably only one element of their evaluation to make decisions and focus on what will grow their business, which is my take.

Here are a couple of things that LinkedIn that may apply to your business.


Every company who is growing their business does the analysis and when they decide to delete they will have a fair idea what the impact may be. That is if they have done the analysis correctly.

Rationalising what you offer or the features in your products or services can open up opportunities growth that was previously not available.

And it is better than hoping your business will grow.


If you want to speed up the performance of your website, the first move is to see how it is currently performing. Then you can see what is slowing it down and then take actions.

This can mean you add other things to replace the ones deleted that will speed up your website’s performance or delete them entirely.

If you want to optimise you business’s performance to seek growth opportunities you follow the same path in a marketing review.

For example if you want to get customers buying more in the review you would look at many aspects including:

  • Market trends
  • Sales
  • Competitors
  • Customer buying habits

Then you can make a decision whether to remove elements that do not help this objective. You also can decide whether you add other products or services.

If you decide to hold on to products or services that are not adding growth or taking up resources then it may be an idea to evaluate them.

Over To You

Do you think LinkedIn deleted these features to grow their business?

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21 Responses to Has LinkedIn Deleted Answers To Grow Their Business?

  1. I don’t really use Linkedin all that much with the exception of our group. I didn’t find it was the right vehicle for me. But our group is sensational!

  2. I think LinkedIn killed answers for two reasons. The first is, the discussion boards within LinkedIn groups are a great place to ask questions and have them answered by knowledgeable peers. The answers to questions there are comparable to those in Answers but mostly seem to be from peers rather than consultants looking for business. Second, they Answers had little purpose because most people interested in asking random questions can now use a competing product, Quora (www.quora.com).

    The combination of the two meant LinkedIn was devoting resources to an unnecessary product. My hope is diverting those resources to other products helps LinkedIn deliver even more innovative service.

  3. I have only started using Linkedin so I am not entirely sure what they have been deleting. I will watch out for all the features of Linkedin and see if there are any more changes.

  4. Well, one thing less to worry about, Actually, your post is the first source where I found out about this event, I didn’t know about it before, I guess like 70% of other users who use LinkedIn. Well, at least now I will know that such thing took place! Thanks for the post!

  5. Hi Susan,
    If features are not being used, that’s one thing. I’m sure LinkedIn did an analysis of whether their discontinued tools were popular with users. Where businesses get into trouble is when they kill features that are popular with customers but don’t generate any direct revenue. This kind of move is shortsighted and can lose a company business literally coming in because of the popular feature. Knowing the difference is critical to successfully tweaking for greater success.

  6. I am a premium member so little of what have changed will affect me. The fact is it probably wouldn’t affect me even if I weren’t a paying member. As you said, every time there is a change there will always be the one who will find it a problem. However, this can LinkedIn ) any business) the opportunity to see just what the feeling are about the changed and, if in fact, it was as they expected. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      am sure they had an idea who wouldn’t like it and who wouldn’t care. I At least they didn’t do a Coke and delete something people actually wanted and cared about.

  7. I believe LinkedIn is deleting some of its services to move members to the paying option. I deleted most of the marketing communications services I was offering up until several years ago. Basically it was a rebranding to a business writer which morphed into business writer, blogger and social media consultant. It’s a constant process of re-evaluation.

    • I agree with you Jeanette which makes sense for them. Your business is a good example of how deleting services can led to a better business. It is a constant evaluation especially these days which can be difficult for some to do.

  8. Susan, Linkedin wants us all to upgrade our accounts. Have had numerous offers of one month for free. Different features are removed to make us take them up on their offer. Simple as that:-)

    But it may just be back firing. Have you noticed that this year there are less activity on Linkedin and more on Google Plus? Maybe Linkedin’s analysis failed? People are not preparted to pay online the way they are in real life.

    • It makes sense for them to want us to upgrade Catarina. I have received those emails as well but ignore them. It would be interesting to see how many upgraded. In certain groups there is less activity in others there is more. I am not on Google + so I don’t know. I am not sure we are the primary target market.

  9. I use LinkedIn but perhaps not in the way it is intended. I am not aware of what they have removed so I am obviously not using those features. Oh well….