Do Not Add One More To Get More Customers

I learnt something new today. more customers communication

From an unexpected source and it is applies to marketing as well as music.

This article by Lisa Lim, Blues Basics: Saying More With Less was about playing blues solos.

And the advice was to reduce the number of notes played and combine it with emotion. With fewer notes, the guitarist can get the point across and connect better with the audience.

It is a good example of using simplicity to engage with customers.

While most of you would agree less is more, there is still a tendency to add things when marketing brands.

You think that just one more will make the difference when it actually adds complexity. Customers want simplicity, don’t you?

Communication Message

It is a trap to add more messages about your brand thinking that it will help the communication with your customer.

Usually the opposite occurs and they are left confused.

This is important especially when you want to get more customers for your business. A single-minded message will have a greater impact and be more memorable. It embraces the simplicity approach that customers can can easily understand.

Of course, if you don’t have a key communication message at all then this also leaves potential customers in the dark.

If you know what is important to your customers then don’t be afraid to focus on it. If you are unsure then it is vital that you find out, otherwise you are making business more complicated for yourself.

Nothing is worse than guessing and finding out you are wrong or the same as your competitors.

Communication takes time so make it simple for your business and customers.

Features And Benefits

Just as in the article, you want to connect emotionally with your customers. If your message is jammed packed with features and benefits then it is time to give some the flick.

Work out what are essential to your communication especially the key emotional benefit. This is the one that differentiates your brand and communicates what is most important to your customers.

As it is with blues solos following the simplicity road with your marketing can make a big difference with your customers.

Over to you.

Have you used a similar path to connect with your customers?

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14 Responses to Do Not Add One More To Get More Customers

  1. I am having a great time in France. I have a great many pictures and stories to share. It has been difficult keeping up with commenting but I have been doing my best. :)))

  2. I personally believe in the saying Less is More, especially when it comes to communicating with customers. Customers these days are wiser and more cautious. Somehow, they can sense if the company is trying hard to impress them and entice them to patronize their brands. Giving them straight-to-the point information does so much more than a lot of hype.

  3. When we are trying hard to communicate our brand we get to close to the subject and often find we add much more then is needed. Your analogy regarding blues and less is more is really good. A good example of this is to look at the very first logo Apple produced and then look at the one they use today. This is a great example that demonstrates your message. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      How are you enjoying France? Apple is a great example and you are right about getting too close. Although it is hard to step back it is well worth it.

  4. Good point – don’t keep everything, and give some “the flick.” Love that expression. Not just that, but also “and combine it with emotion.” That helps me with the flicking decisions – better to stick with features that I can relate with proper emotional energy.