Is There A Perfect Marketing Recipe?

The simple answer is no. simplify marketing

Just like many things in life there are too many interpretations as to what is the perfect recipe for anything.

Take a basic search for “the perfect scrambled egg”.

There were nearly 1.5 million results.

Clicking on a few results it was clear each chef or home cook had their own way to cook the perfect scrambled egg.

For example Gordon Ramsay says you shouldn’t whisk the eggs before you put them in the pan. And he continuously takes them on and off the stove.

Bill Granger says whisk them and his method doesn’t involve as many steps or the continuous taking the pan off the stove all the time.

A home cook just used a recipe her grandmother showed her and it looked like it didn’t take much effort.

Each person, no doubt would argue theirs is the perfect recipe.

Doing a search for the perfect marketing recipe provided over 11 million results.

Who knew there were so many perfect marketing recipes?

Like the chefs and home cooks, no doubt each person who wrote the article would say theirs is also the only one.

Forget Perfect Recipes

When marketing your products or services there are no perfect recipes. And the simple reason is there are too many variables to take into account.

For example if you followed a perfect recipe used to market cars and you have a graphic design business you may find that offering a free test drive of your service is not a wise decision.

Make Your Own Recipe

There is a process to marketing that has been around for thousands of years. It is based on key things such as understanding how your customers think, feel and behave.

As well as having a relevant key point of difference.

Get to know the process and develop your own simple marketing recipe that is best for you, your business and customers.

This way you can save time or money and have a profitable business.

Over To You.

Do you agree there are no perfect marketing recipes?

And if you have a great way to scrambled eggs include them in the comments below.

photo credit: Ali Elan via photopin cc

9 Responses to Is There A Perfect Marketing Recipe?

  1. As I’m sure you know Susan, I also agree.

    Love this, I quote you: “For example if you followed a perfect recipe used to market cars and you have a graphic design business you may find that offering a free test drive of your service is not a wise decision.”

    Or maybe we should all try out the 11 million results for perfect marketing receipe?

    • Thanks Catarina. Could you imagine how long it would take to do the 11 million recipes. That reminds me of the woman who cooked every one of Julia Child’s recipes and they made it into a movie.

  2. It’s a little like clothing that says one size fits all…when we really know it’s a pretty big call.

    We all come in different shapes and sizes, as do our marketing objectives. Yes you can stretch it to fit, but I doubt it’ll be comfortable, nor would it look particularly flattering, or appealing to onlookers.

  3. I absolutely agree. If there were, someone would have already bottled it, sold it and have made a fortune. Just like people, all businesses are individual with their own individual audience. Taking the time to figure out what marketing approach works is the key to it being a success. Now I just need to figure out my own… LOL

    • You summed it up so well Susan and yet people are still searching and businesses re still peddling.

      I am sure you will figure yours out successfully and it will be simple for your business and customers 🙂