Do Not Overlook the Importance of Sub Marketing Activities

Marketing activities  As the marketer of your brand it is essential you know what marketing activities produce the greatest results and to do it in the most effective way.

After all who has time or money to waste?

Today to have a successful business, simplify your marketing.

What is often overlooked is the area of what I call sub activities.

They are what you do to for example when you want to share information or extend the reach of a marketing activity.

Taking a blog as an example, unless you just keep it on your site or don’t visit any other sites there are probably other marketing activities you do to share the information.

These could include:

  • Posting to social network sites
  • Tweeting
  • Posting to Facebook
  • Posting on You Tube
  • Including in your newsletter
  • Including in emails to customers

Some may truly add value while other activities may simply be a waste of time and that is what you need to know.

Simple to set up

List all the marketing activities you do as well as the sub activities. You can list them in a table or use a spreadsheet as this can save you even more time later as you track. With the blog example list everything you do to share the information.

Each week tick what you did as some weeks you may due to time or other commitments not complete all sub activities.

This can take as little as 5 minutes a week which is what you want as your time is valuable.

Look at the trends and results

Not all results appear overnight as some take time to be of benefit. Others may give you great results initially but wane over time.

Give it some time as nothing is worse than dropping a marketing activity that may in one more month’s effort prove to be important.

However you track results you should be able to see what has the biggest impact in your business and sales. Then you can throw out the sub activities that do not add value and concentrate on those that do.

Taking the blog example, you can easily see via analytics the paths your customers take whether they are consistently coming from a certain referral site that convert into enquires or sales.

As your time and money is important taking simple steps to track the effectiveness of all marketing activities including the sub activities can make a big difference to your business success.

Would like to hear your thoughts.  How do you track the effectiveness of all marketing activities?


10 Responses to Do Not Overlook the Importance of Sub Marketing Activities

  1. Excellent suggestions Susan. I track all my marketing efforts (including sub-activities) in a spreadsheet. One of the advantages being that when I post a new article, there are several steps that I always repeat. So, I copy and paste from the previous post and delete the dates. As I complete the task (tweet, bookmark, Amplify etc.), I enter the new date. It keeps me from forgetting any steps.

    By tracking the day of the week that I post my new articles, I discovered that (for my niche anyways) there are certain days of the week where I get the best boost of traffic compared to other days of the week. That sort of info is very valuable.

    • Hi Sherryl,

      I thought you would have a system which works and tracking the traffic and days makes sense. Did it take you long to set it up? Actually your comment has made me think of another tracking idea for my site so thanks.

  2. Hey there Susan,

    Simple and effective. I’m a big fan of checklists and can see employing one to order my internet marketing and social networking activities (and ‘sub activities’).

    I’ll be using this and recommending small business owners do the same.

    Thanks for the insight,

    • Hi Ralston,

      They do make life easier which is what we want don’t you think.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Great and practical tools for measuring success in marketing or sub marketing. I did something similar last year and it helped me to gauge that twitter was my best bet for connecting with clients, potential clients and brining traffic to my blog. Great idea, Susan.

  4. Another great post Susan. I do have a blog but know that it isn’t enough to post content without pursuing its exposure. I have to “work it” by posting to all the areas you mentioned and in my case as many parenting sites that I can. Tracking these sources with google analytics tells me what avenues to keep pursuing and which ones to eliminate.
    You give sage advice in guiding us to respect time to see results. Nothing happens overnight!

    • Hi Keyuri,

      While some take an effort especially if you repurpose I find you get into a routine with posting as well as setting up a report re tracking. It is great that you have many sites that I am sure would love read your articles.

  5. Susan,

    “Sub” marketing? I expected something like this: I have a 150 meter kilo-class nuclear submarine for sale…asking price 1.2 billion $.

    Now I get it of course. Sub-marketing. Twitter, Facebook. catching up on all of those marketing activities that we don’t always have time for. You are right in suggesting coming up with a schedule. Without that, they can easily fall by the wayside and become neglected.


    • Hi Yoni,

      At that price you would never have to write again 🙂

      I couldn’t think of a better term and as there are so many opportunities in how we repurpose content for example it is so easy to focus on the wrong ones.

      Thanks fro your comment.