How To Attract Customers In A Crowded Market

The good news is the internet can make it easier to attract customers. how to attract customers

The bad news is many markets are very competitive and crowded with options.

When you seek ways how to attract customers in a crowded market it takes more than implementing marketing tactics.

One way is to think strategically, get creative and sometimes do the opposite to your competitors.

And use simplicity for a competitive advantage.

Think strategically

Customers know the outcomes they want to achieve.  This means that their thoughts are tuned into the outcomes first and then they search for products or services to get them there.

When you compete in crowded markets it makes it more difficult to attract customers by only listing what you sell. This is because all other businesses to the same thing. And this approach only adds complexity to your business.

Instead if you know your potential customers deeply you can identify what outcomes they desire and use this information to highlight your products or services.

A landscaper I know is started thinking of how to attract customers who live in units with balconies. Often customers do not know which plants are best to buy and with the choice available at nurseries it can be confusing.

Instead of listing his service like other competitors he is thinking of easing the purchase decisions for busy customers.

For example he is looking at the different types of plants and pots that suit balconies that get a lot of sunshine and wind. So if customers search for ideas on what is best to buy for these conditions he has offerings to match.

The landscaper’s approach is an example of using simplicity for the benefit of his business and customers.

Get creative

Once you know the outcomes customers desire have fun and be creative to attract customers. This means packaging up your offerings and naming them to appeal to new customers.

The name doesn’t have to be cute; it does need to be relevant. And one way to start is to think of what they want to achieve. Or look at how they use your product or service or the circumstances.

I am not creative regarding names so I stuck with names of the outcomes customers are looking for such as Get New Customers.

Over to you. As always share your thoughts and if you offer your products or services based on outcomes let us know in the comments below.

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14 Responses to How To Attract Customers In A Crowded Market

  1. Market to the existing customer base of another business to build your own customer base quickly. Search for one that caters to the same target audience that your business does, preferably in a complementary field. For example, if you own a hip beauty salon, look for a woman’s clothing boutique with the latest trendy fashions. Contact the business’s owners and suggest partnering with them to reward their loyal customers with either a small gift or large discount for products and services from your own business. Offer to write and print off personalized sales letters, or create a direct email for each customer on their list. This strategy benefits both the host business by providing them with free rewards for loyal customers, the customer who gets something free or at a greatly reduced value, and it gives you immediate access to a pool of prospective customers.

  2. Yes, customers know the outcomes they want and that is what they look for. So why do so many websites bunch all those outcomes under “products” or “services”? The navigation should fit the outcomes people seek.

    • Agree with you regarding the navigation David and it just complicates it for customers especially those that have long drop down menus. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post. I loved every single one of them and new awesome bloggers to connect with. Perfect timing on this post for me. I just had a conversation with a client yesterday about this issue.
    Although I will share your post with them, since it will be too much for the client to absorb, I will most likely have to summarize it for them.We will see how it goes.

  4. It was really funny that you mentioned a landscaper. I was in search of a new one who specializes in rose. I found him by how be was able to create an interesting and unique proposition. “Roses year-round for anyone” is his catch phrase. His graphics and images are spectacular and so he was my pick and I have so happy I did. Now I need to get out in my garden… 🙂

    All kidding aside, it isn’t easy to set your self apart when there is so much to plow through and compete with. Knowing who you want to attach as a customer can go a long way in figuring out how to present yourself in the market. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      Nice example of someone specialising to attract customers and you must post pictures of the roses in your garden when you can 🙂 That is a key isn’t – knowing your customers and I still wonder why some don’t take the time to find out in detail.

    • That is what he is hoping for so he can appeal to those that want to do it themselves and those who like the look of the plants and get him to do it.