How A Simple Marketing Idea Grew Sales

It can be difficult to come up with creative marketing ideas to get customers buying more from your business. Business growth simple idea

And sometimes the simplest solutions are overlooked.

One local company found by adding a simple service increased sales and solved a customer problem.

Identify Customer Problem

When you are moving houses, there are usually boxes in a number of rooms.

By the time you move it is often impossible to do a final clean especially the floors and carpets.

This means that when the moving van comes and transports your possessions you can:

  • Leave the house and let the new owners clean or
  • One of you stays behind to clean

The second one is not much fun as you would rather be at your new place.

The company saw the opportunity to offer this additional service to their moving service.

It solved a problem and gave customers peace of mind that the new owners would enter a clean home.

By adding this service, their sales have increased considerably.

Marketing Simplicity

It embraces the core elements of a marketing simplicity marketing strategy in that it benefits both the company and the customer.

They even have it down to a fine art to co-ordinate between the guys moving and the ones cleaning so time is not wasted.

Opportunities can be identified by taking a step back and look at the total needs of customers. They may not be able to tell you but often they will give signals and if you map their needs, it becomes easier.

Opportunities can also be identified by having someone even a colleague look at the situation with fresh eyes.

The reason for this is often if you think of an idea you may automatically think of the potential problems associated with it.

This means the idea can be left on the shelf or worse a competitor gets into action.

Over To You

Have you ever added a product or service by coming up with a simple solution for your customers.

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11 Responses to How A Simple Marketing Idea Grew Sales

  1. Hi Susan,
    I kind of feel like a lot of small business owners a.) look to reinvent the wheel by patterning their businesses too much after competitors already in the market and b.) over think their products and services making them too complicated when a much simpler solution will do and be much easier to market. Often solving a unique problem for customers also solves your marketing problem giving you instant buzz. Why fight it?!

    • Hi Heather,

      Why fight it indeed 🙂 I agree with your points and I would add they get too close to what they sell which makes it difficult to be objective. A little like sacred cows. If in doubt go simple. Thanks for adding to the discussion Heather.

  2. Susan — such a simple idea that paid big dividends. I’m working on an assignment to write a website and help with rebranding. At the same time, I recommended sharpening the LinkedIn profiles of the firm’s principals. It made sense because the profiles should reflect the brand. So that’s what I’m doing.

  3. Where were they when I last moved… LOL. That would have been totally awesome to have had that service. It would have saved me total peace of mind.

    In my past life, we were always looking to fill in the spaces where a customer could and would benefit. When we figured it out, it was always a home run for both. 🙂

    Cherry’s’ right, we need to apply this to our ebook promotion.

    • That is exactly what I thought Susan when I first noticed the company. Between the two of you I am sure you will come up with creative ideas for your Kindle book 🙂