How To Grow Your Business With Elimination

If you want to use simplicity to grow your business, you need to remove complexity.grow your business by eliminating

This means decisions have to be made.

They do not have to be complicated or take a lot of time.

The decisions have to do with the process of elimination.

Elimination has many benefits and is part of using simplicity to thrive and profit.

If we take the objective of growing your business, here is how you can use elimination to see where the right opportunity is.

What options are available?

The first step is to see what options are available for your business.

To grow your business make a list of what you options your business has, such as:

  • Get current customers to buy more often
  • Get new customers
  • Develop a new product or service

It is worthwhile to list all the options up front because it helps the decision making process with other steps.

What resources does your business have?

One you look at the options and have done some analysis you need to see if you have the resources available to pursue one of the options.

For example if you see an opportunity to develop a new product or service, then this will take more time and money versus getting customers to buy more of your range.

By answering this question allows you to start eliminating those that will take more resources than you have available.

What is the timeline?

The timeline for your business growth opportunity will help you eliminate ones that do not fit.

If you are looking for extra growth in the next few months then selecting one that takes a year is not an option. For example, normally it takes longer to get new customers than it would to get customers to buy more often.

Taking into account the timeline will also help you get into action and not procrastinate.

There are other considerations, however looking at these will simplify the process and help grow your business.

Being proactive with elimination helps you get focus to gain additional revenue.

Over to you: do you use elimination to identify ways to get growth for your business? What other considerations would you add to the three above?
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16 Responses to How To Grow Your Business With Elimination

  1. Do more with less is the mantra every business should adopt. Apple is a great example of the company that has been successful by following this principle. As someone said – I did not have time to write a 1 page letter, so I wrote 5 pages instead. It takes deliberate effort to reduce complexity, but at the end it’s worth it.

  2. This is a great way to help those who are a little stressed or distracted, it will help them to focus on prioritising the next steps. They can look at the bigger picture and think objectively about where they are going to focus their efforts. Planning and justifying this plan is the key to being as successful as possible.

  3. Susan- Your post came at a good time. Sometimes we need to regroup and make things simply. I just fired my web developer. Not need to go into the details. Sometimes when people get comfortable they do not perform as well. I have interviewing web developers and seeing things that I would not have known if I stayed with the same old, same old. In any business there is waste. You need to know where to trim the fat to stay in business. I wish that worked on my body, but I guess there is no trimming there.

    • That is very true about getting comfortable Arleen and sometimes the little things that can make a difference but are not even looked at. All the best with your next web developer. I know what you mean about the body 🙂

  4. Good post. I think it’s easy to forget the basics and get caught up in the chase for money. Little good ever comes from that. Resetting your mind to your options and the time frame you are working in helps to clear the webs and get your focus back. Great post.

  5. Hi Susan,
    So my question would be, using the process of elimination, how do you choose between two very feasible options, say developing a new product or getting your customers to buy more, if you have the time and resources to do either one but not both? As usual, it would be great if you could add your thoughts in the comment section at the BizSugar community, so that all our members will get the benefits of your response.

    • Hi Heather,

      Another good question. You would use the timeline for when you wanted the additional sales to occur. For example you decided that the extra sales had to occur within the next three months, but the development and launch of the new product will take a year. That will eliminate the new product. Also you would use sales. For example you need only an additional $50,000 in the next twelve months. Looking at both you may see that could be achieved with getting your existing customers to buy more. Another one is profit and you decide you do not what the bottom line to reduce. After analysis you may find that the new product costs will decrease profit even with additional sales in the next twelve months so that could eliminate the new product.

      There are other factors depending on your business, but hopefully this answers your question.

  6. Good post! Too often business decisions are made based on the costs and ROI of a decision, not the end result of what a decision, or indecision will net. Elimination of net positive actions is important in order to grow the business, even though sometimes those decisions may be painful.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks Mark. You are right about sometimes the decisions can be painful, especially at first but it gets easier the more you do it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. The more one critically looks a their business to help simplify it or find ways to be more efficient the better that business will be. This also helps identity areas if waste. Many times owners find this difficult because they are way to far in the trees and have a very difficult time seeing what needs to be changed. Using the timeline method you mentioned can help get them “out if the forest”, so to speak. 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      You make good points and often it is what we think that makes us believe it is hard to do, when often it is common sense. Maybe there needs to be a common sense axe to get through the forest.